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Konnichiwa Nippon

7 years ago / travel / japan

My Japan travelogue.

Japan was life-changing in so many ways.

The food was amazing, you can just walk into any random place and you can be assured that the food will be good. I don’t think I can eat sashimi anywhere else again. People there just take so much pride in everything they do. And they are so incredibly polite - it makes you want to be nice too. I felt so guilty once when I accidentally stood on the wrong side of the escalator cause I was excitedly chatting away lol.

And the toilets omg… it’s not just about the 1001 buttons with different features (quite fun to be honest heh) and the warm toilet seats in winter but how they were so insanely clean everywhere. Even those at random subway stations! In Singapore, even when I go to the more upscale shopping malls I often have to reject 3 or 4 cubicles before I get a decent, not-too-gross one. Don’t even mention the toilets at heartland malls here… I usually just hold my bladder until I get home.

This was our first visit together to Japan… have been holding off this trip for the longest time cause of all the hearsay radiation scares. And I’m glad we didn’t give in to all that nonsense this time round!

So we spent the last 2 weeks of December in Tokyo & Kyoto (was blessed with a White Christmas yay!) alongside with the best friends Nui and Zach.

It was a good thing that we had company because the day before departure the boy was told that he had to come back to SG in between the trip for 2 days before reuniting with us in Kyoto. But he ended up oversleeping and missing his flight back omfg and I’ll leave that story (and the associated almost-divorce lol) for another time.

The good thing about travelling with a photographer was that we have memories captured in the form of postcard worthy, Lonely Planet kinda shots :)

The downside was that travelling with social media addicts meant that every single meal we ate, place we visited together (we did split up quite a bit)… it was like this:

Usually my compact camera or iPhone will also be directed at the dish lol.

We ended up having more than 6000 photos all in and it took me 4 hours just to sort them before penning this entry. 😅

So the beautiful, professional pictures you see are by Zachary Yong and the un-pro ones are by me hahaha.

Anyway I think I typed too much, sorry! Back to the vacation pictures :)

Our first night in Tokyo :)

I didn’t eat tuna before Japan but now I’m like, gimme all the chutoro and otoro aburi please!


My love and his love for ducks lol.

This place changed my life forever.

See what I mean?!

UNI :heart_eyes:

THIS was the greatest highlight of my entire Japan trip - otoro aburi. Food orgasm omfg.

Told you it was a food orgasm.

Hachiko :heart:

The famous Shibuya Crossing, rumoured to be world’s busiest.

In the midst of it all.

Snow in Kyoto :)

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

I could eat sashimi everyday…

But when we weren’t, we were having yakiniku.

Or Hello Kitty anything.

Even the ice cream from the vending machine’s so good. I was looking out for this machine everyday lol.

Caught in the act.

Ending this post with Fujisan :heart:

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." - Anais Nin

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