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A star-studded Korean experience with Entourage!

4 years ago / lifestyle

Did you know that hit American series Entourage now has a Korean remake?!

Hands up if you're a K-fan!

Korean music (G-Dragon!!!!), beauty trends (I'm ashamed at how much I spend every month on Korean makeup and skincare products), fooooddddddd and of course, K-drama!!!

I recently started watching Entourage (yes, it's a Korean remake of the hit American series of the same title) and I've been hooked.

It is basically a dark comedy drama (watch the first episode here!) that shows you everything about the Korean entertainment industry. Not only does it show you the glamorous parties, culture and fashion, but it also shows you the hidden sides through the five main characters. As these five men try their best to survive and excel in the industry, you’ll also be able to see the true meaning of friendship and what really exists behind all the glitz and glamour; bright and flashy cameras.

The show stars popular favourites (i.e. extremely hot men) such as Seo Kang Joon and Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man... SIGH.

I've basically been catching it whenever, wherever - in between meetings, on my taxi rides, waiting for the plane, when having lunch (Korean of course, more kimchi please lol) - thanks to the Viu app, because I can download the show to my phone or tablet and watch it on-the-go!

If you haven't already downloaded this legal (I know, very important!) video streaming platform, here's why you should!

1) There's an extensive library of content for you to choose from! This includes the latest Korean dramas, variety shows to Japanese and even Thai dramas.

2) The app offers you both options of streaming and downloading the videos. This basically means you can stream on at home using your PC via WiFi (which translates to hefty mobile data savings…) and download your show to your mobile device so that you can catch it offline when you're out and about.

I also like the easy-to-navigate interface and ability to watch with English or Chinese subtitles

More importantly,

3) You get to win different prizes weekly including a trip to anywhere in the world!

Yup, you read that right.

#ViuStarEntourage Contest

You can actually get rewarded with great prizes just by watching shows lol.

Simply binge-watch on Viu and you stand a chance to invite your own entourage of friends/family to join you on a private yacht party or even a trip (worth $8,000) to anywhere in the world!

To take part, simply log in to your Viu account or register one for free and start watching away!

More details here.

You can choose to enjoy the above as a free Viu user or if you would like to enjoy additional perks such as unlimited downloads and priority viewing, Premium subscription is also available at just $5.98/mth! That's akin to replacing one cup of coffee a month for non-stop entertainment!

Psst, there's the upcoming Goblin which shares the same writer and director of Descendants of the Sun that you might want to get your hands eyes on. Viu Premium subscribers will also get to watch it with subtitles just 4 hours after the telecast in Korea on the same day starting 3 Dec!

You can download the Viu app via the App Store, Google Play Store or access via their website!

Enjoy xxx