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Kushi Dining Bar

7 years ago / food

Yummy Japanese ala-carte buffet in town!

First post of 2015!

Hope you guys had a great NY celebration? 1 January is always a little more special to me because it's my dearest Daddy's birthday! :birthday:

We are quite predictable lah to be honest... for as long as I can remember, we always end up having a buffet lunch lol. 20 odd years and counting! I think it's a very Singaporean thing, no?

Anyway, we wanted to check out Kushi Dining Bar that I recently discovered (but in the end, we didn't because Daddy Lim was craving local food so we headed to Strait's Kitchen at Hyatt instead) BUT Mommy Lim's birthday's coming up next month so we can have our fill of Japanese noms then! :sushi: :rice_ball: :ramen: :oden: :curry:

Kushi Japanese Dining Bar is conveniently located at Hotel Royal, Newton.

It's an Ala-carte Buffet (I'll state the prices at the end of the post) so everything is freshly prepared upon order. Said to be the best Japanese buffet in Singapore - they have a 4.7 /5 review rating on Facebook!

Of course the star of the show has got to be their sashimi!

Now... we have tried many Japanese buffets but more often than not, their sashimi tends to be well, not very good. After all, it's a buffet and the restaurants need to make money right :/

But this wasn't the case at Kushi. I was pleasantly surprised to find their sashimi REALLY fresh and generously sliced - probably the best you can get at a buffet! (Better than some local Japanese restaurant chains too.)

We also had some other dishes...

Freshly shucked oysters

Pitan Tofu

Gosh this was so, so, so GOOD!!! I had 3 servings of it cause I'm SUCH a fan of century egg and I love how this dish was put together. Love the blend of textures and how the tobiko added a good crunch to this mix of flavours... mmm!

Tontoro yakitori

Wagyu beef

More yakitori! Scallops and quail eggs with bacon.

Popcorn shrimp

THIS was my favourite dish that day.

It's my first time trying white tuna and we tried it both sashimi and aburi (flame-seared) style. White tuna or butterfish like the name suggests, is extremely butter-y and smooth, I've never tasted anything like that before!

(While it tastes incredibly yummy, it is advisable to eat this fish in moderation as excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. But in all honesty, I didn't have any problems at all and I have a really weak stomach. Like too much fizzy drinks will end up in A&E kind of weak stomach...Just practise moderation lah.)

Salmon belly aburi

Tempura! This was anago (saltwater eel, on the left) and cheese (on the right). They also have other varieties like ebi, shishamo, shitake, enoki, eggplant etc.

More salmon aburi...

Lobster porridge!

There's actually so much more on the menu that I wish I have stomach space for... like the gindara teriyaki, mushroom butter yaki, unagi fried rice, buta bara (pork belly) yakitori.

But we eventually settled for dessert.

And I had TWO servings of this matcha ice cream cause it was SO GOOD. Incredibly creamy, not too sweet and the azuki beans were really rich and flavourful.

I can't wait to be back!

Kushi Japanese Dining Bar
36 Newton Road
03-01 Hotel Royal
Singapore 307964

They actually have two pricing options - Classic & Premium buffet menu.

Prices start from $41.90++ (Classic) and $61.90++ (Premium) for adults and comes with free flow green tea, coke and ice lemon tea.

I highly recommend you opt for the premium menu as it includes an extremely good selection, such as tuna belly and scallop sashimi, wagyu beef, farci crab, lobster porridge just to name a few.

Ending with my favourite shot... #eatallthesashimi :heart_eyes:

This was a media tasting but the opinions are entirely of my own.