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The lady at the bank

6 years ago / personal / working girl

The tides are turning!

Okay, so every month without fail, I have to go to our bank's HQ to submit payroll.

And every single month, I really dread the trip there.

Because of this particular lady.

Don't get me wrong, she has NEVER been nasty nor rude to me but she's a little... stern? I mean, she's tall and willowy and always has her hair perfectly coiffed with not a single strand out of place. In fact, I always find myself checking out her outfits, her makeup, her shoes (Omg she once wore these incredibly amazing oxblood pumps) but I've always felt quite intimidated by her. She doesn't smile, doesn't respond to my chirpy "Hello!" (the awkward silence after that is seriously awkward I tell you) and walks away before I can say "Thank you."

So this morning, like any other month, I made my way to Alexandra Road (I also decided to dress up more just in case... cause she ALWAYS looks so good right? And was sure to touch up my lipstick in the elevator)... and handed over the envelope like always.

And then I heard her say, "Hey I like your nail color? What's the shade?"


And wait, is that a smile I see on her face?!?!?!?

That's when I noticed IT.

This massive sparkly shiny rock on her fourth finger.


Marriage is a strange thing indeed.