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Lamb Over Rice

4 years ago / travel / food / new york / usa

Would it be strange to say this might be my FAVOURITE eat in New York?!

I first heard about lamb over rice from the hubs who's an avid fan of US food forums... he didn't describe the dish nor what it tastes like but somehow the term just, stuck.

Then when we were in New York, I got extremely excited when I saw the first food truck selling the dish. Only to realise (yes, back to British spelling now that I'm back in Singgers lol) that EVERY corner we turn, especially along 5th Avenue, there WILL be one - sometimes two, or even three - such food trucks selling it, usually with gyros, pretzels and hotdogs.

So anyway, on the third day, I finally caved in to my need to have rice (which is damn strange cause I don't even eat carbs here in Singapore) and omfg, I srsly think this is the BEST meal I had throughout the entire trip. I can't stop thinking about it and have resorted to googling various permutations of "lamb over rice Singapore"... but noooo. :sob:

To best describe this dish, it's like freshly-grilled marinated lamb (+ chicken) sitting on a bed of fluffy biryani rice, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and some mysterious sweet-tangy-creamy-spicy white sauce that will take you to high heavens.

We didn't manage to try the original The Halal Guys version (I walked past the stall the next day and the queue was CRAZY) but tbh, I think the version I had was - pardon my French - fking good and I think you really ought to give him a try if you're ever in Manhattan. I don't have the exact address but his stall is just right across the road from the famed Magnolia bakery at Rockefeller Center and erm, just scroll up for his photo lol?