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The new Lancôme Énergie de Vie

5 years ago / beauty / lancome

Let the new Énergie de Vie by Lancôme empower you to be unstoppable.

When I'm not shuffling between Singapore and Thailand, I'm usually clocking insanely long work days due to the nature of my work and we often have several time-sensitive campaign launches happening CONCURRENTLY. These past few weeks have been crazy to say the least, my deadlines - literally called DEAD lines for a reason - have been reduced to 2 HOURS sometimes (I kid you not) and I have been surviving with less than 4 hours a sleep a night.

In fact, I am typing this at 1:15 am right now. The other day, I felt like an air-stewardess of sorts when I clocked a "Bangkok turn" - I took a 6am flight from SIN-BKK, was in our Thai office by 9am for a morning meeting followed by a lunch meeting and another post lunch before rushing to the airport to catch an evening flight and was promptly back in my bedroom by midnight.

As such, I'm often asked "How do you find all that energy?" and my answer is usually,


And lots of coffee haha.

I hate to be cliche and all but my passion (and an intense OCD to have EVERYTHING done before I allow myself to sleep) drives me with an insane adrenaline and fuels my unstoppable force of energy to achieve what I set out for myself every day.

We live in constantly expanding cities today. We like to multitask; we refuse to compromise and we are the generation that wants it all and wants it now.

If you are 25 to 35 years old like me, then you're part of Gen Y or what they term as the urban generation - we work hard, play hard, we want to keep fit, we want to be heard and we want accomplish everything and discover everything in the shortest possible time.

And with this intense life, we give rise to a new kind of tiredness. If you're told "You look tired", chances are you too suffer from urban fatigue... which manifests in bad temper, headaches, heavy eyelids and dull complexion.

Coupled with the slowing down of our body metabolism as we get older, we are generally overexhausted, overwhelmed and overstressed.

This is known as urban fatigue, which is essentially a new type of fatigue from this new intense lifestyle we all want to lead. And today’s fatigue becomes tomorrow’s aging.

This in turn impairs skin’s defence capacities and contributes to early aging.

Your skin needs nutrition just like our body does.

Which is why I really like the new Énergie de Vie skincare line by Lancôme!

It comes loaded with super ingredients such as Goji, French Melissa and Gentian so you can think of it as superfood for your skin, strengthening it to combat signs of fatigue caused by hectic lifestyles and to provide a much-needed burst of moisture and energy!

If you're constantly on-the-go like me, then this range is what you need for your skin to be fresher and more energised.

There are 6 products in this line but I particularly like the,



The star product, this is hydration in every drop! To be applied in the morning & evening, this combines the skincare effects of a lotion, serum and cream for a smooth and hydrated complexion.

I really like the liquid texture that melts right into the skin, leaving it feeling smoother and softer - which makes it a great base for make-up. For busy women like us who are constantly on the go, this all-in-one is a dream come true and is perfect for replacing multiple steps in your skincare regime.

(SGD115 for 30ml, SGD160 for 50ml)


Want an instant glow? Simply blend a small amount of this Pearly Lotion between hands and press onto clean skin. It acts like a “moisture magnet” to lock-in hydration and instantly revives the skin. Alternatively if you prefer a natural skin finish, then apply this to a cotton pad and sweep across clean skin.

The texture is amazingly lightweight (almost like water!) and gets absorbed into the skin almost immediately. Tired skin is instantly moisturised, looks revitalised and refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I like to use this on days after I have pulled an all-nighter - with a healthy-looking glow on my face, nobody would have guessed that I'm getting by without any sleep.

(Retails at SGD105)


I'm a HUGE fan of overnight masks because of the convenience and I like how my skin gets repaired and cared for as I sleep. This sleeping mask offers the hydration and plumping effect of a balm and freshness and lightness of a water mist as it neutralises skin-damaging free radicals for overnight recovery.

The melt-in texture gives your skin the hydration it needs, for a complexion that looks healthier, smoother and more radiant. I usually use this the night before a big day so I wake up to beautiful skin.

(Retails at SGD95)

People sometimes say I don't look my age (I turn 31 this year!) but my personal mantra is this - keep your skincare habits simple to just cleansing and moisturising. The definition of anti-ageing is to delay visible signs of ageing... for as long as possible!

That, and to laugh more. After all, happy girls are the prettiest.

Énergie Boost Skin Rejuvenation

Lancôme is very kindly giving away complimentary Énergie Boost Skin Rejuvenation Service sessions to my readers - click here to find out more!

Let Énergie de Vie empower you to be unstoppable, so you can continue chasing your dreams and ambitions!