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Lancome Advanced Genifique

6 years ago / beauty / lancome

How this “Little Black Bottle” changed my skin.

I turn 30 next month and thankfully, I think I still don't look my age. If possible, I want to be like Victoria Beckham when I turn 41 haha.

I've always believed that good skin is the most important foundation a woman can have - you can't fully cover up bad skin with makeup.

Good skin to me, is defined as one that's radiant, smooth, with an even skin tone, firm contours (no wrinkles!!!) and preferably as fair as possible. While I started using sun protection fairly early at 17, I think now that I'm at this age, it's about time I incorporate some anti-ageing into my skincare routine.

And what else but the award-winning little black bottle by Lancôme - the Advanced Genifique Youth Activator.

(Though I just found out that it is NEVER too early to start on anti-ageing. In fact, you should start in your early 20s if possible cause prevention is definitely better than cure!)

I've heard SO much about the Lancôme Advanced Génifique range but have always been a little hesitant to try it out cause of its price tag. But I was fortunate to have the Youth Activating Concentrate, Eye Illuminator and Eye Cream sent to me for review. You too, can obtain a 7 days trial kit to try it out for yourself which I'll detail at the end of the post.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate

First up, their star product.

This best-selling Advanced Génifique serum repairs and activates 10 clinical signs for youthful-looking skin that you can see and feel, in just 7 days.

(To find out why we need to use a serum in our skincare regime, read THIS.)


The (very intelligent I must say) researchers at Lancôme came up with a new definition of youth, which – for the first time – considers visible perception (what women see in a mirror and what others perceive about them) and tactile perception (what we feel beneath their fingers).

So with this new “equation” of youth, you'll not only look younger but also FEEL a difference in terms of your skin texture and firmness as well.

This new version of the Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate has been formulated with new active ingredients to boost visible signs of youthfulness and to help our skin's recovery during the day and night.

The serum is very lightweight which makes it perfect for all skin types and ages and gets absorbed into the skin really quickly.

The first time I used it, I noticed that my skin instantly looked smoother and more luminous.

Then I started using it religiously twice a day, morning and night.

And every morning, when I looked into the mirror, I started looking out for subtle improvements. Any change in appearance? Are my dark spots lighter? Are my laugh lines less intense?

By the 7th day, I was Skype-ing the husband (who was away on detachment) and when I looked at myself in the video call screen, I realised that I was glowing. Like this post-shower / newlywed glow that I haven't had since my mid-20s. I also noticed that some of my acne scarring (damn those teenage years) have also improved in texture and the scars now appear less deep.

If this is what 7 days of usage does to my skin, then I can't wait to see what happens in 8 weeks.

Additionally, I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin but this product has been very gentle on my skin and I love its non-sticky, watery texture.

I use it right after washing my face in the morning and after toning to remove makeup residue in the evening (I don't use toner in the mornings) and I realised it has also boosted the absorption rate of my other skincare products. I'm told that Génifique is a transversal product which can be used in any skincare routine, with any existing skincare products.

(A small tip - don't forget to use it on your neck too to keep saggy necks at bay).

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl

I was also sent their Eye Illuminator – Light Pearl to try.

Now, I know this sounds like a cardinal sin but I actually do not use eye cream on a regular basis.

Reason being, I have tried a couple of eye creams and they are often too rich and I ended up with milia seeds around my eyes that I now contemplate everyday if I should laser them off.

So yea, I guess I'd rather wrinkles than oil seeds.

However, I'm now sold with this light-reinforced, advanced eye-illuminating serum that promises 'Bigger Eyes, Younger Look'.

Bigger Eyes? Take my money!


Three expert application steps for targeted actions: 1- Trace small rapid circles below the eye, from the inner to the outer corner, to smooth away dark circles and eye bags. 2- Place the pearl on fine lines and wrinkles and smooth them out with back-and-forth movements over its length to erase fine lines and signs of fatigue. 3- Position the applicator vertically and apply light pressure to each of the pumping points in the eye contour area for bigger-looking eyes.

This serum comes with a flexible massage applicator to help reach the most inaccessible eye areas and ensures firm yet delicate pressure for gentle application.

Like the Youth Activating Concentrate, its texture is also very light and gets absorbed into the skin almost immediately. I use this every day followed by the Advanced Génifique Yeux.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux

Formulated in a light gel texture with Génifique patented technology, this Youth Activating Eye Cream helps to protect our eye areas against pollution and targets the key signs of youthfulness while fighting against the appearance of visible signs of fatigue.

Having used both products for a week, I've noticed a more rested, youthful looking eye contour as if I've managed to clock in at least 12 hours of sleep every night when in actual fact, I've been surviving with barely 4 hours (audit season zzzz).

And also no new milia seeds :tada:

Based on a self-assessment exercise done by 34 women over 7 weeks, almost all reported visible results of Lifted eye contours & Reduced eye bags (hence bigger eyes!), Improved skin brightness & Faded dark circles (I neeeeeddd this) and smoother eye contours of Refined texture and Reduced fine lines & wrinkles.

I started using the eye products only once a day (at night) instead of the twice a day instructions cause I was really paranoid about the suitability but I’ve since progressed to using it twice a day.

Now, I know there's a multitude of treatment products and beauty essences out there but I really recommend you give the Lancôme Advanced Genifique range a shot - there must be a reason why this little black bottle is the winner of over 130 awards internationally.

Simply head over to this link to receive your 7 days Génifique trial kit.

xx Enjoy!

Lancôme is available now available at Sephora!