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Fractional Laser Resurfacing at Halley Medical Aesthetics

4 years ago / beauty / halley

Getting laser done for my acne scars.

If you have been following my Instagram (if you haven't, how dare you lol?!), you'd have realised that I'm doing A LOT more videos lately. I used to avoid them because unlike photos, videos are quite unpredictable because of bad angles and the teenage acne scars on my cheeks.

(Unphotoshopped picture of my complexion... this was taken during my consultation for my CoolMini treatment to get rid of my double chin)

So since I have worked on said double chin, and also enhanced my features with botox and fillers, I think what's left was to work on my skin - which has been looking more (???) uneven as I get older.

I've been putting off laser treatments for the longest time... because I'm afraid of the pain haha. And downtime.

But these days, technology has progressed so much that the downtime is greatly reduced and laser-based procedures are much less painful/ invasive than before.

By going deeper than traditional facials, the right type of laser can help improve skin firmness as well as texture, pore size, and colour.

(Psst, there are many facial salons offering laser services but I always highly recommend to get them done at a doctor because they know better/ are trained to do so/ tend to have more legit equipment... do a quick google of laser gone wrong and you'd know what I mean.)

So anyway, here I am with my much-trusted Dr Terence Tan from Halley Medical Aesthetics to get that skin fixed.

I really like how Dr Terence Tan is very meticulous with what he does and he is very sincere in addressing every individual's concerns based on what we need unlike some clinics which might try to influence patients with their own agendas.

After careful deliberation, I decided to go for Fractional laser resurfacing (go big or go home haha) which is a "stronger" laser targeted at treating acne and acne-related issues. This laser treatment works by removing old and damaged skin cells and scar tissues while keeping adjacent skin intact. This allows for better healing and enhances skin renewal. Downtime wise, I had allocated one week by clearing my schedule (no travels, no photo-taking, no important meetings) but as it turned out, three days was more than enough. In fact, by the second day, I was already out and about with the girls sans makeup. I still remember we were having dinner at Wild Honey at Scotts (all-day breakfast yay!) where the dim lighting made my post-laser marks practically unnoticeable.

Let me take you through the steps.

First, numbing cream is applied.

If you're SUPER SCARED of pain like me (but just so you know, my threshold is RIDICULOUSLY low... I can't even cut my fingernails myself kinda low? Haha), then you can ask for more cream to be applied and to be left on longer.

And then, Dr Terence Tan will do his thing. To be honest, it sounds more scary than it feels. I was actually chatting with him throughout the entire procedure which lasted about 10 min? It was definitely bearable!

Recovery-wise, after the Fractional laser resurfacing treatment, Dr. Terence Tan will prescribe the necessary facial wash, ointments and very clear advice on how to care for your skin.
To me, it is the aftercare that is the MOST important because it is when your skin is most sensitive and you'd want to avoid any infections or scarring. I followed the Dr's instructions to a T haha and recovery was fast like I mentioned and had no complications whatsoever.

Here's my skin recovery process:

(Note, pictures were all taken as soon as I wake up in the morning hence still in my PJs and all sans makeup and no edits.)

The last picture was taken with makeup obviously but it was with just a light layer of BB cream and loose powder.

In fact, these days I would even go to the office sans base makeup. Just sunscreen + my eyelash extensions to save the day haha.

Laser treatments aren't just for acne-related skin though, I have recommended friends to go for laser for other concerns and at Halley, they have lasers to:

  • Treat pigments and even out skin tone
  • Clear and tighten pores
  • Tighten sagging skin and neck area
  • Resurface the skin for youthful appearance
  • Treat acne and acne scars

Some other interesting laser therapies include:

  • Fraxel laser rejuvenation, a FDA-approved fraction laser that rejuvenates the skin and erase acne scars without the prolonged downtime of traditional laser.

  • Laser combined with IPL to penetrate the skin deeper to treat darker skin pigmentation, brighten skin tone, tighten pores, and smoothen fine lines.

More info here.

After all, one can't have too much rejuvenation, right?

Halley has since moved to a brand new location right in Orchard Road and you can find them at:

Halley Medical Aesthetics
277 Orchard Road
03-15 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858
T: 67378233

Instagram: @halleymedicalaesthetics