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Laser treatment update

6 years ago / beauty / laser

Update on my skin improvements!

When I was growing up, I actually didn't like Chinese New Year visiting very much because there's always that awkward sit around in the living room eating pineapple tarts moment when some auntie will ask, "Wah, why is your skin so bad?"

Then I discovered makeup and started covering up all those ugly pimples and then the questions evolved to "Wah... why is your makeup so thick?"

:unamused: Can't win this.

Over the years, the pimples have cleared up but because I scar really easily, the post-acne marks still remain.

Thank goodness I found Dr Tyng Tan (who is really the nicest, sweetest doctor I have EVER met!) Not just Dr Tan, the nurses at her clinic are also really very friendly and attentive - like they will tuck me into the covers after treatment. HOW SWEET IS THAT?

This is my 3rd laser treatment with her! You can follow my progress at this link.

The laser done at Dr Tan's is the MOSAIC Total Skin Regeneration and it is recommended for those with acne scars, wrinkles, large pores, rough skin texture, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Here're the procedures!

First, two layers of numbing cream was applied to my face to minimise discomfort. (Face is glossy from the cream and you can see how much my skin has improved from the first session!)

Like before, because they know that I have a super low threshold of pain, they will leave it on a little longer for me.

To be honest, I find the pain very very tolerable... I hardly felt anything during treatment but there was a slight burning sensation after the treatment which quickly went away as they applied a really cooling mask to soothe my skin.

I always end up falling asleep during this mask application stage.

As this laser produces stronger results, there is a supposed downtime of 3 to 5 days. Why do I say supposed? Because while your face still feels a little rough and patchy, you can already apply makeup (in fact 2 hours after laser is safe enough to do so!) and go about with your daily life.

Just be sure to apply sunblock! And use the post-treatment balm day and night for 5 days.


This is how my skin looks two weeks post-treatment, without any makeup.

I love love love how much lighter the scars are now! And smaller pores too!


And this is how it looks with just tinted sunscreen. Face is also sharper from the botox!

This is the first time in over a decade that I actually dare to go out without full makeup.

Feels really liberating if you ask me :)

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