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Saturdate at Dr Tyng Tan's

6 years ago / beauty / botox / laser

Our idea of a weekend date - I get my acne scars lasered away while the boy removes his mole!

Last weekend, the boy and I had an unconventional weekend date.

Spot the husband!

We went to Dr. Tyng Tan on a Saturday instead of our usual weekend brunch haunts.

For me, it was another session of the Mosaic Total Skin Regeneration laser to get rid of 'em acne scars while the husband wanted to remove a mole on his face that has been bugging him for the longest time.

It's been a month since my previous laser session!

The scars are now a lot lighter after the previous session as you can see but because I'm really fair, they are still pretty obvious.

Face looks quite glossy because of the two layers of numbing cream applied.

After waiting about 20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect, the laser procedure was conducted by Dr Tan herself (and not her nurses like what some clinics do - which isn't lawful by the way) and it was quickly concluded in 2 minutes. Like before, it was really quite pain free!

It also helps that Dr Tan is really friendly... throughout the procedure, she was chatting with me about things like kids, Christmas presents, vacations etc and I feel that this really helps to keep me distracted.

Then a cold mask was applied, which was very soothing and I soon fell asleep in the very comfortable bed - it felt like I was at a spa with the relaxing music and dimmed lights.

The husband's mole removal was also done really quickly and he was very pleased by how professional Dr Tan was. (And now nobody can call him moley moley moley ala Austin Powers lol.)

Dr Tan will also prescribe a Post Treatment Balm for you to apply day and night for 5 days. I really like the texture of this balm and I feel that it really aids in soothing my skin and my skin feels healthier too!

This is how my skin looks 2 weeks after the laser:

These pictures are taken right after waking up without any makeup on. You can see how much lighter the scars are now!

Zero edits to the photos.

Even my father-in-law who hardly notices anything (seriously, I can dye my hair lime green and chances are he won't notice it too) asked me about my improved complexion! :tada:

I personally find the prices at Dr Tan's very reasonable - the husband paid about $200ish to remove his rather deep medium-sized mole. In fact when I posted about the husband removing his mole on Facebook, I immediately had people asking me about it!

Also, here's an update on the botox done by Dr Tan...

My face is definitely visibly slimmer and I really love how V my jawline looks now :)

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