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Last night!

6 years ago / married life / personal

Happy blurry pictures from last night!



Oh what a night last night was.

We celebrated Gab's wedding, I watched the boy get really, really, REALLY nervous about giving a best man's speech - but it went soooo well, so proud of him! Not proud of the fact that many girls went up to him after that to tell him that he's charming wtf. Luckily I made him wear his wedding ring and EVEN MORE LUCKILY, I was there.

I caught up with the fellow military wives :smirk: , groaned about detachment, talked about childbirth (not that I had anything to contribute) and how our husbands were still boys as we watched them running around the venue wtf.

Then we ended the night at Zouk when I felt sad for a brief moment when I DIDN'T get carded (going to follow-up on my botox soon wtf) and many many sour plum shots and Macallan's later... the greatest highlight of my night was, the overpriced spicy chicken sausage and mashed potatoes from the hot dog stand.

That, and taking off my 4.5-inch heels and just running barefoot in the rain before finally boarding that Uber ride home at 4-freaking-am.

Whilst thinking, damn, there goes my $60 blowout.