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Let’s Get Healthy @ North East

3 years ago / lifestyle / working girl

Sweat, smile, repeat!

I don't remember when was the last time I exercised,

But I'm guessing it's during my stint with ActiveSG... over a year ago.

(Please excuse me while I hide and eat my 999th pineapple tart for the year.)

Recently, my good friend Desmond Choo decided to make me and everyone else feel extremely guilty with a comprehensive community-led health initiative for North East residents. Named Let’s Get Healthy @ North East, it is launched by North East CDC, Changi General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, SingHealth Regional Health System and Health Promotion Board so that North East residents are aware of their health status, and take proactive steps to stay healthy.

Targeted at residents aged 40 and above, Let’s Get Healthy @ North East will provide residents with a structured framework consisting of five “SEEDS”:

a) SCREEN (encourage and provide regular health screenings)
b) EDUCATION (via health awareness talks)
c) EXERCISE (via organised weekly physical exercise sessions)
d) DIET (healthier cooking demos and nutrition workshops)
e) SUPPORT (the Health Peers network – coaching to support fellow residents).

Residents Committees will be able to customise SEEDS activities into their own suite of programmes based on their respective population profiles and needs. All SEEDS activities will be held in convenient community locations with a focus on making them easily accessible for all residents.

Currently Let’s Get Healthy @ North East is still in its pilot phase and will run for seven months each at Kaki Bukit, Sengkang Central and Tampines Changkat respectively. As the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases increases with age, especially from 40, a 3-yearly screening is recommended for all adults aged 40 years and older.

They will be monitoring the impact of this community initiative over the next year. If responses are positive, they will offer it to the rest of the 15 divisions in the North East District so more residents can benefit from this.

The initiative has a Healthy Passport reward system which helps encourage residents to actively and regularly participate in all the components of “SEEDS”. It allows them to keep track of their participation, and earn stamps for their participation. They can then redeem these stamps at North East CDC for gifts like water bottles, travel adaptors, lunch boxes, and shopping vouchers.

Mayor of North East District, Mr Desmond Choo, and Adviser to Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Mr Teo Ser Luck also attended the event.

(By the way, Desmond recently turned 40 and if you think he doesn't look like it, it might have to do with his active lifestyle and his vegetable smoothie concoction with includes ONIONS that he has for breakfast. More details about this vile concoction coming soon on

This community initiative was co-developed by North East CDC, Changi General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, the SingHealth Regional Health System and the Health Promotion Board. Other partners who are contributing their expertise and services include National Healthcare Group, National Kidney Foundation, and Singapore Cancer Society. The strong health-community partnership led by North East CDC ensures that the initiative will be sustainable and scalable.

Activities under SEEDS will be facilitated and guided by North East CDC and the healthcare partners. They will be held at their nearest Residents’ Committee (RC) zones, making it convenient for residents to benefit from these programmes.

What’s more, each RC zone will get to customise its own suite of programmes to suit the population profile of their residents. Want a health screening, a talk on Alzheimer’s, Zumba classes, or learn to cook healthy nasi lemak? This personalised touch will increase resident engagement, commitment, and buy-in from even more residents.

More Information

Start Date: March 2018

How to join? What activities will there be?

Stay tuned to for more information on the upcoming events!