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Lion Air Flight Experience in Singapore

5 years ago / Hidden

Who doesn’t like to travel? Well, if you’re reading this, you are probably an avid traveller like me. Why I travel? Just to explore the richest of what this mother earth has to offer. The world is so wide and with every opportunity I get, I want to see every inch of it as much as possible.

So, what do we talk about today? I have this thought of doing airline experience stories for you. You might have read my other airline stories, so I’m planning to further expand that series particularly. Today’s entry will be about Lion Air!


Have you ever try to book cheap lion air flight tickets? Well, maybe with this entry, it might help you with your decision to try with this or some other airlines.

Personally, each airline has its ups and downs. It’s a common denominator with everything in life, right? We have the good and the not so good.

So, let’s look at what Lion Air can provide to you as their flyer, shall we?

Lion Air Backstory

We’ll try to keep it short on this part, and I wouldn’t want to have a sleeping reader before reaching the end.

Lion Air is Jakarta’s largest low-cost airlines in Southeast Asia. Yep, you read that right. It comes right after AirAsia in the low-cost category, which is quite a big deal, don’t you think? It is also considered to be the largest airline belonged to Indonesia. This caught me by surprise a bit because I would’ve thought Garuda Indonesia holds that title. Anyways, so, Lion Air has been in operation since the year 2000. Quite a stretch of 19 years still in operation. From what I read on its background, Lion Air is growing quite well - in par with other heavy carriers.

Lion Air Facilities and Services

See how I said I’ll make it short for the backstory?

Now, let’s look at the important things we usually look for in an airline?

Lion Air provides the usual services we find handy to assist us in our booking processes - from user-friendly website navigation to various e-payment methods. One thing I always find it to be a good point if the website itself is easily navigated.

Do you ever find it annoying when a website is so jumbled up and confusing? Well, plus point for Lion Air that has quite an easy-to-navigate website. The content arrangement is made perfectly easy on the eyes and it doesn’t disrupt our process to book our tickets.

So, when I look for flight ticket booking easily, I find Lion Air website to deliver just that - ease. I find it much more convenient that they have the feature to display all routes they have in a visual way. I find it quite interesting, especially when you want to brainstorm destination ideas for your next trip, having a visual aid instead of just listed form does not seem so dreadful anymore.

As I have mentioned earlier, Lion Air provides various e-payment methods and I find this to be very convenient considering how we are now in the modern world where the ability to pay in ease is our absolute win-point. So, below are some of the ways you can make your payment:
1. Credit/Debit card
2. ATM - however, this is only applicable to ATMs in Indonesia, so if you need a fast ticket when you’re in Indonesia, you can easily find the nearest ATM to complete your purchase
3. Internet Banking
4. SMS Banking and Mandiri Call Banking

Lion Air also provides the ability for you to purchase your travel insurance when you placed your booking with Lion Air. There are two types of travel insurance you can consider if you ever think of flying with Lion Air, a) for Round Trip and b) for One-Way Trip. There is no obligation to you to take up the offer or not, but having them provide this kind of services is a good plus one in my book.

I listed some of the benefits that will be covered with Lion Air Travel Insurance that I managed to stripped out from its official website:

  1. Personal accident
  2. Medical expenses due to accident
  3. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation
  4. Travel delay
  5. Travel cancellation
  6. Loss or damage of baggage
  7. Trip curtailment
  8. Loss of travel documents
  9. Personal liability
  10. Felonious assault
  11. Emergency assault

You can find more information on their official website regarding the list above.

Lion Air Final Thoughts

In overall, Lion Air provides quite sophisticated services and when I experience riding in one of their fleets for one of my travel endeavours, I find it quite an equivalent experience as well. The legroom is comfortable enough for Economy. You can still maneuver yourself in your seat. You won’t feel like your stuck in your seat. The cushion is also quite comfy, it’s soft and not too hard on the padding.

I feel the in-flight entertainment can be improved a bit with additional recent movies, but nevertheless, it was quite an entertainment to kill time. I’m sure if they have a greater range of entertainment, it will really come in handy especially for family travellers that need extra dose on entertainment for their kids to enjoy.

All in all, Lion Air has a solid value for money experience. If you are a first-time traveller and wanted to get the comfy experience in a low-cost carrier, I’d say Lion Air is one of the best so far. As I said, this also depends on the different individual of course. We can love different things and we can love the same things. To me, Lion Air is pretty decent for its category.

Let me know of your own experience with Lion Air!