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Look Ma, it's Me!

5 years ago / working girl

Hi, my name is Flora and I'm a bookaholic.

So, I've said it more than once but I really believe that there's something about my words and the effect they have on my life...

I previously wrote this Print is NOT dead post about some of my favourite books... and then a couple of days later, I got a text asking if I would like to do an interview with Zaobao / SPH about my life and the books I read for the upcoming Singapore Book Fair.

Certainly don't see myself being so lucky when it comes to winning the lottery wtf.

So, I was told to bring ONE book to the interview... and trust me, it was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make.

Should I bring Plath? Nah... too pretentious. How about the Shopaholic series? Too bimbo? As if holding creams all day and taking photos isn't bimbotic enough right...and who am I trying to impress with A Tale of Two Cities?

In the end, it was down to The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I chose the latter... (though I was also toying with the idea of bringing my copy of A Nation Cheated by Chee Soon Juan.)

They asked a couple of questions about my thoughts on the book and my reading habits... and I was also asked to read out my favourite quote from the book. Lucky never bring the Shopaholic series otherwise all I'll be reading aloud will be "Chanel, Prada, LV and Loewe".

These videos will be played at the Singapore Book Fair happening 3 to 9 June at Suntec City Convention Centre Halls 401 & 402 - and I really think you should head down to lay your hands on some great reads (and NOT to admire my videos on the screens lah...)

I have my husband to do that lol.