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Looking for Fun in Seri Kembangan?

4 years ago / Hidden

When some people mentioned Seri Kembangan, can you guess what was the first thing that popped into my head? The majestic Palace of the Golden Horses. Have you seen the place? It’s like a castle! This hotel is really something. Anyway, I got curious and checked online at Traveloka and whaddaya know? They got cool Palace of the Golden Horses hotel deals & reviews. You can check out here at if you don’t believe me. Then, along the way, who knows? You might just find yourself spontaneously book hotel palace of the golden horses online. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. I won’t judge.

Anyways, the gigantic hotel is very iconic in Seri Kembangan due to its location, its architectural structure and hello? Don’t tell me you don’t find the giant horses awesome. I mean, come on, it’s totally cool. Hold your horses though (see what I did there?), it is NOT THE ONLY ONE Seri Kembangan is popular for.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole and discover some of the fun things you can actually find here!

Farm in the City - Seri Kembangan’s very own Zootopia!


If you are an animal lover, which I’m sure you are, you are bound to lose your wigs because this place is literally the mini zoo for you! The reason I call it a mini zoo because the animals are the ones you can pet and mingle around with without fear of losing an arm, but if you have fear of rabbits, you might need to reconsider this special visit though. Farm in the City is at Bandar Putra Prima, don’t worry, Google maps will show you the way. Here, you can let your inner soft side runs free and be one with the cute little furry friends.

Asia Heli - Believe you can fly!

Taking a tour in a helicopter? YES! Where else will you be able to get this chance to roam around inside a helicopter? Take in the view of around the city as far as your sight can reach. This service/attraction - whatever you want to call it, is at the Mines Resort and Golf Club. The helicopters provided can accommodate 3-4 passengers, so, you can start opening invitation to your friends and family join your tours around the Kuala Lumpur airspace. The 90 minutes tour around the area will surely get your heart pumping (in a good way, of course).

Malay Heritage Museum - Relive history literally!


If you ever visit Universiti Putra Malaysia, the first thing you will before you actually went to the campus is the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications where there lies the epic and historical royal house from Sri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. If you look into the history of Sri Menanti, you will find loads of stories - even the paranormal ones. So, besides the royal house of Sri Menanti is the Malay Heritage Museum where you can see up close and personal original artefacts - again, original artefacts from way back when our ancestors still roam the earth. Who knows? You could find more than just historical information.

See what I mean? There are tonnes of cool things to do in Seri Kembangan. You just gotta known where to look. Oh, backtrack for a bit on the hotel, if you want to find best price on palace of the golden horses on traveloka, you can just check palace of the golden horses hotel kuala lumpur in the web or just click on the link I put in earlier to get you there. So many flight and hotels deals in Traveloka you can explore there.

Have fun wherever you go, peeps!