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Love language

6 years ago / married life / personal

Nope, it's got nothing much to do with the book.

The husband and I are kinda different. I mean for starters, he looks at the lens when taking selfies and I look at erm, myself. No prizes for guessing who's the more self-obsessed one here.

While I'm all "I LOVE YOU MUNCHYKINS" and kisses him at least 500 times a day much to his dismay, he NEVER ever tells me that he loves me. Even his wedding vows weren't the most... romantic.

Anyhows, last night when I got up to pee and fumbled my way in the dark to my bed, I ended up knocking over my glasses. It didn't strike me to pick it up (cause well, I've been doing that nightly for about 21 years now) but suddenly the boy hops out of his deep sleep, walks over to my side of the bed and is all like, "I've got this."


Gosh, I mean it's only a pair of spectacles so I'm not sure why or HOW it woke him up... but I guess I'll attribute it to instinct.

Okay mushy nonsense's over... have a great weekend friends!