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love what you do;

The little things in life :)


I don't have a religion but it's times like these that I really thank my lucky stars.

These past few weeks have been hard - I have yet to enjoy anything more than 4 hours a sleep a night. Was rushing to close the year before Japan, and as much as the pictures show otherwise, every night I was sitting in my hotel room clearing work emails for hours. Then I came back to a mountain of backlog before rushing off for Hong Kong Fashion Week and then back to move into our new place. Everyday I juggle between phone calls with the contractor and countless work emails and I'm still living out of boxes cause I just don't have the time to unpack.

The past few days were the worst - because of the overwhelming response to our next day delivery promo, our store was practically operating 24-7. My girls packed in the day, while I helped out at night, roping in the husband too (and having to hear him nag non-stop, "Hey! I signed up to be a pilot... not to be a clothes packer!" & "If i knew marrying you meant this, I wouldn't propose already!!!!"

Every night, I commit the unforgivable beauty crime of falling asleep with my makeup on and today I got soooo frustrated because I had to cancel my nail appointment to - you guessed it - pack more orders.

And then I saw this sitting in my inbox:


And as if this wasn't enough love, I came across this on Instagram.


Suddenly, it all became worth it again :) 

So never mind la, I can live with ugly nails!

Anyway the last batch of parcels will be going out this morning and I have reunion dinner tonight with the boy's extended family... looking forward to stuffing myself with abalone and pineapple tarts! And then returning after a good break all recharged to get things going again! 

Have a wonderful New Year, folks! xoxo