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M is for Mother

6 years ago / married life / personal

Or in this case, mother-in-law.

We had (yet another) house bbq tonight - seriously guys, we used to be cooler than this! - and the mother-in-law was happily raving to the husband's friends about his cooking:

"Garry makes the best carbonara. His mushroom also very nice... best I ever had! His steak also... ALWAYS cooked to the right doneness."

You can see her in eyes how proud she was of her master-chef son.

Then she must have realised I was also part of the conversation, because she suddenly added:

"Flora can also bake very well!! I like to eat the muffin she bakes... or is it cupcakes ah?"

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Okay Ma, for you I will brush up on that cooking! #sweetestmilEVER