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Making and Breaking

Some thoughts about marriage and divorce.

As some of you may already know, the hubs has left for Brunei...



...But not without first making me laugh even at the very last second lol.

It's been more than three weeks now :muscle: and I've been meeting up with my girls a hell lot - for Teppei (omg it was so so so good! Totally worth the 3 month's wait!) and drinks, lots and lots of it.

One Saturday afternoon whilst we were drinking by the river, we ended up talking our relationships, marriage, pre-nups and Singapore's divorce procedure.

No lah, I am NOT divorcing my husband (yet? It depends on how much he pisses me off when he comes back... I'm kidding! Don't screencap this ah haha) but marriage is a very tricky affair actually. I mean I obviously love the boy and all but marriage is not just about love - it could fade, it could run out and inherent differences in values just can't be worked out sometimes.


Of course we do not go into a marriage planning to divorce (unless you're like Kim K :sleepy:) but if you do get there one day, you'd want a good divorce lawyer in Singapore to represent you - it's not just about "winning" but about protecting your interests, your wallet and most importantly, your sanity.

In case you're wondering what brought us to this topic, it was about a mutual friend's pre-nup which got us into a lengthy discussion about whether it's valid and enforceable in Singapore given the Women’s Charter and the various grounds for divorce in Singapore - and our very important takeaway? Be sure to make sure it ends clean and we get out unscathed and NOT splattered all over the pages of Shinmin and Wanbao wtf.

In the meantime, I'm gonna be treating my marriage like a Rihanna song... you know, work, work, work, work, work on it. Even when it doesn't make sense lol.