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Postcards from Malacca

6 years ago / married life / travel / malacca

Our anniversary trip up north!

1. View from my bed. Lucked into a good deal for the suites at Hatten. 2. Happiness in a frame. 3. Amazing chicken rice balls as recommended by our taxi driver. 4. Where's my chicken rice? 5. Nothing like an soursop popsicle in this HEAT. 6. Hello there, goodness. 7. My favourite-est chendol in the world at Jonker 88. 8. Charkwaytiao with an insane wok hei. 9. Butter garlic crunch KFC. I can die now.

Fasterly blog my Malacca trip before I have my 4th kid wtf.

(My backlog is INSANE guys.)

Anyway, over the long weekend we took off on a road trip to our friendly neighbor up North! (I really like how our wedding anniversary always fall on the Vesak Day long weekend... gives me a legit reason to go away hehe.) We didn't go somewhere further cause the hubs couldn't take any leave plus we kinda like the routine of taking an annual road trip (last year it was Avillion Port Dickson!) Though when I say we, I actually really mean me because I get to trap him in a car with me for a couple of hours and do nothing except talk to me. Or rather, listen to me talk HAHA.

We were supposed to do one night Malacca, then another night KL but the drive up to Malacca was insanely tiring. We were stuck at the Second Link for almost three hours (I honestly did try to wake up and set off early!) so we ended up canceling our KL hotel to spend two nights in Malacca instead.

Traveling with the hubs is super unlike traveling with my friends... with him there is no itinerary... which drives me crazy. I wanted to take a couple of photos (you know the #ootd kind) but the HEAT was unbearable :triumph: so the only photo we took of me is the one you see above which I'm in a cardi only because I strutted out of the hotel in a sun dress only to realize that it might be a little inapproriate for Malaysia. So anyways, we ate a lot (the butter garlic chicken from KFC is da bomb diggity) and drank a lot (of A&W root beer float) and caught up on a lot of movies - Vantage Point, Gone Girl, Unknown to be precise.

I had planned to spend the trip checking out new food places to update my Where to Eat in Malacca post but we ended up ordering room service mostly (too hot outside!) and eating at the same places repeatedly...

Namely A&W. Here's presenting to you our magnificent anniversary dinner of coney dog, curly fries and ice cream on waffles wtf. Not the fanciest I know, but I honestly couldn't be happier.

I think that's the thing about being married, you learn to manage each other's expectations. The Flora pre-marriage would have been appalled at the thought of celebrating wedding anniversary in a fast food restaurant (that played bad ’90s music) just like how the husband pre-marriage couldn't understand my constant need to take photos.

But we manage... and in fact when we were at some random petrol station on the way back to Singapore, some guy went up to him and asked, "Hey, aren't you that grumpy husband in the Instagram blog post?!"


Happy anniversary, my love!