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March-In Songs

8 years ago / wedding / wedding prep

March-in songs that we used for both weddings

Rochester Wedding

Not a fan of Twilight but I really like this version of Thousand Years by The Piano Guys and even before the boy proposed, I had decided I would use it somehow for my wedding - video, march-in, whatever. So we ended up using it for our march-in and I think it went really well with the military ceremony :)

Second Wedding

Used this song for my first march-in with my Dad. Think the older folks at the wedding will appreciate this plus it had this very grand feel :p

After the JP said "You may kiss the bride", we played Pachabel Canon in D for my march-out with the boy.

I used an Orchestra version which I can't seem to find on Youtube but this is pretty similar:

Very typical wedding song but I think it's kinda of a must-use at every wedding. 

Our second march-in song was chosen the day before our wedding lol. We were already planning to re-use the Thousand Years song but we were at Raffles City when we happened to hear this version of Secrets by The Piano Guys and decided then and there that we must use it! 

We used it from 2:02 onwards :)

As for the background music throughout dinner, for the Rochester wedding, we just played some random 100 love songs compilation CDs we bought. For the second wedding, we played compilation of Chinese oldies since the theme was Shanghai Night. I don't know most any of the songs, but I think the aunties at our wedding had a rather good time :D