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6 years ago / married life / personal

Christmas 2014 with the hubs...

Yes, title's intentionally misspelled as Marry since this post is about the husband...


No, I haven't died and buried myself in turkey stuffing though I honestly feel SO stuffed. All that ham, fruitcake, logcakes AND eggnog... I don't know how I'm gonna fit into all the outfits I've prepared for the upcoming work trip to Taiwan (where we're gonna end up stuffing our faces again.)

So, we did a staycation on Christmas eve and spent the entire day watching Harry Potter (I'm currently in this HP craze in preparation for our upcoming trip to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka... I spend all my time reading the books, watching the movies and practising charms and spells on the husband. And explaining that they aren't working ONLY because I don't have my very own wand. Yet.)

Anyway, at the stroke of midnight, he presented me with (yet another) Fatbear card. I have been getting these cards for years now so I kinda expected it even though we agreed on no presents.

(But to be honest, part of me also really believed that we weren't exchanging presents so I didn't get him a single thing. Not even a card. Well, I was busy booking all the holidays and I did pay for the staycation afterall...)

Then on Christmas day itself, we checked out and when we reached home, I spent the entire time lying in bed reading Harry Potter (I'm now at the Order of the Phoenix!) and the husband repeatedly asked,

"Do you need to do any work on your com today?"

"Are you sure you don't have any blog drafts due?"

"How's that article of yours coming along?"

"You haven't checked your email in over a day.. you sure you don't need to attend to it?"

To which all I replied was "It's Christmas, I deserve a break!" and went back to trying to levitate Fatbear (with the spell Wingardium Leviosa).

Few hours later, whilst playing his Warcraft or was it DOTA (???), he kept harassing me to charge my laptop.

"You do it for me lahhhhh..." I whined. "I'm trying to master the Disillusionment Charm!"


Wah. That's quite a threat... I can't live without my ice cream! So I reluctantly got out of bed, and crawled under the table to plug my laptop charger into the power socket.

And there it was, sitting innocently right next to the socket:

We seriously need to get down to unpacking from the house-moving.

It's this bag that caught my eye through the shop window when we were in town last weekend, and I'd casually mentioned to him that I'm looking for a go-to bag... the kind that I don't need to worry too much if I would spill my Coke on it (because I'm so clumsy!!) and something that I can travel easily with.

He actually remembered :)

So yes, this marks yet another surprise of his that I've failed to catch on.

But well.... these kinda surprises, I seriously don't mind.


Anyway, I just came back from a long day of shopping (boxing day sale!) and told the boy that I'm going to "work on a few blog drafts".

His reply?

"Oei! Don't expect any more presents under your com ah! One time only ah I tell you..."

:joy: :joy: :joy: