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May catch-up sesh

5 years ago / personal / dress up / working girl

A little catch-up over ice cream.

Happy Monday everyone!

So, it's back to the daily grind huh.

Just a quick update about what's going on in my life! These past few weeks have been a little chaotic... to say the least.

I was in Bangkok for all of 72 hours and then I came back to a mountain of work, trying to fend off DDoS attacks and ended up booking another flight back to Bangkok - for work and more work and fine, maybe some coconut ice cream too.

The boy's coming back this Friday the 13th - cues ominous-sounding music - but seriously, I can't believe he's been gone for over A MONTH. Like where did all that time go?!

I've also been taking a lot of more pretty pictures (not just of myself lah!) and putting in more effort to curate my Insta so I hope you guys like what you see :) It was part of my new year resolution to spend more effort in upping my Insta game - you know, be the queen of 'em basic bitches hahaha and put in more effort to post regularly i.e. not die on social media for like 4 to 5 days like how I used to, apply makeup and bring my camera out (almost) daily so I can snap more stuff about my everyday life to share with all of you.. and I think it's been working out? I've been offered some really fun and interesting projects on this space that I can't wait to share... but above all, as much as it's been fun creating all these visual and editorial content, I still want to keep this space personal so... I'm still learning but I think I'm now better at saying No and dropping offers that don't really suit me.

You know how everybody has a 5 or 10 year plan but truth be told, I don't really have one. I do however, know that come the day when I have a kid (only one! so I don't have to give up too much Loewe), I want to be there for her (ya, whoever up there, please be sure to give me a daughter!) as much as I can without giving up my ability to earn my own keep. So I have always wanted a job / career that I can bring my child into the office (and slave labour her to shred paper or something) or have the flexibility to take time off as / when I want and say, "Hey, want to go shopping with Mommy today?"

Oh well, sorry for the outburst of random thoughts about my unborn, unconceived child - it WAS Mother's Day yesterday after all.

But to be honest, as much as I'm making some money from this space, I wouldn't count on blogging as a career cause the landscape is always changing. I consider myself lucky to have a few assignments now, but like I always tell my clients, I started this space to chronicle my life and whatever I put here - commercial or not - will always be readers first. Because seriously, if I don't have you guys reading in the first place, then what clients, right?

Aiyo, so sappy again.

But in all, it's been great fun creating all these content (and proving to myself that I'm not that inapt at art as I thought I was lol) and apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so... so I think I have unknowingly started on something with a digital friend (is that what we call it these days?) due to some demand... which I can't wait to announce in due course.

Alrighty, lunch break's over. I could go on and on seriously..

Hope you have a fantastic week!


(Wearing H&M and Charles & Keith in the photos and chomping on Sweet Monster - skip the popcorn, go for the ice cream.)