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Men don’t listen, Women can’t read maps

7 years ago / married life

Conversations with the boy #256


Before the long weekend started, I had all these grand plans in mind - long lunches, spa sessions, afternoon teas! - I’m gonna be holidaying right here in Singapore!

So on Thursday, I got really busy… researching new restaurants to check out, reading reviews to make sure they’re good and checking out new movies, museum exhibitions etc.

The husband, on the other hand, is very comfortable with nothing planned. He’ll wake up as and when he feels like and take his own sweet time to decide what he wants to eat. Never mind if every decent restaurant is full and we don’t have a single reservation, we’ll just order pizza in.

Which was exactly what we did on Friday night.

And then he spent the rest of the evening playing Diablo 3 wtf.

"SO… as I was saying yesterday, let’s go for a good lunch this weekend ok? Do you want The Line or MELT? And Saturday or Sunday brunch? Both places offer champagne brunch on Sunday." I asked, while he was slaying some don’t-know-what-but-apparently-it’s-more-important-than-me-monster.

"Huh.. orh.. anything." was the reply I got.

"Ohhhh The Line has some 15% off promo now!! You see their website!!"

"Huh.. orh.. anything." was the reply I got again.

Fine, I proceeded with reservations. "Eh I made reservations for The Line already ok? Tomorrow 12pm. Don’t oversleep ok? Then after that we’ll catch Planet of the Apes at 320pm at Great World."

No prizes for guessing his reply. "Huh.. orh.. anything."

Three hours later, after he was done slaying the monsters he turned to me and asked, "So tomorrow what we are we doing? I was thinking we can go Toa Payoh for hokkien mee then I’ll go buy my beer stuff ok?"


"Is it?!?!?!?!? I’m very sure I heard nothing like that."


24 hours later…

This time round I waited patiently till he was done slaying the monsters. "Oei, so Zo is back in town on Monday right? Can you arrange a gathering with the rest in the afternoon? Don’t do drinks at night cause I have to wake up very early on Tuesday."

"Ya.. okay." he replied.

"Please put in a little effort to remember this ok!!"

"Ya okok I’ve got this."

Come Monday afternoon…

"Eh, so what’s the plan for today?" I asked.

"Oh. I arranged for drinks at Tuckshop. 10pm."


PS- The title Men don’t listen, women can’t read maps was inspired by the book of the same title by Barbara & Allan Pease but if you ask me, with sophisticated GPS systems these days, who needs maps anyway? #justsaying