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6 years ago / personal / giveaway

Catching up from 36,000 ft above ground + a little giveaway with Erabelle!

FINALLY a couple of minutes – 270 to be exact – where I can clear my mind from all that’s been going on lately and play catchup properly with you guys.

1) We are currently on-route to Perth and EVERYONE is appalled that we are giving Margaret River a miss. But I think this just means we have better locations planned and I absolutely CANNOT wait to share the pictures. Weather’s looking mighty fab too – cool but not too cool so good enough to play with the coats without getting heatstroke or freezing to death.

2) I’m seated next to Cheryl who’s seated next to Carrie and THIS is our current desk situation:

Our office is cooler than yours.

3) The wound on my left knee has been thankfully healing quite nicely. No more worries about having to amputate it but I’m still dealing with the childbearing equivalent pain of applying antiseptic cream.

4) Throughout these two weeks, everybody has been telling me to leave the wound uncovered to let it “dry up and heal”. I tried that for 2 days and it started rotting all over again even though it was ALREADY healing! Covered it up again – like how the doctors recommended – and it started healing thank goodness. So now you know, sometimes what the old folks recommend may not always be the wisest.

5) Just like how ‘em old folks always tell you gassy drinks are bad and non-gassy drinks are better. That can of chrysanthemum tea is loaded with lots of sugar by the way so you’d actually be better off with coke light.

6) The guy in front of me just ordered Haagen Dasz AND I REALLY WANT ICE CREAM but I’m trying my best to cut down on my sugar and sodium intake at the moment cause I’m bloating like a bloody cow fml.

7) I started reading again recently after I found my missing Kindle in my shoe cabinet (while trying to inconspicuously fit in the 6 new pairs of shoes I just bought – they’re SO incredibly gorgeous by the way) and my current reads include The Bell Jar (SYLVIA PLATH!!!!) and I am Malala.

8) I also started watching Revenge and OMG I TOTALLY WANT TO GROW UP TO BE VICTORIA GRAYSON.


Apparently, it’s starting to show in my looks too. GOOD.

9) Now I want chocolate. I see Rittersport with cornflakes on the menu.

10) Did you know that Rittersport is a German brand? So is Haribo. Things I’d learned in my German language classes.

11) We are down to TEN Fridays to Christmas!!!!

12) Looks like NYC over Christmas isn't happening unfortunately but -I don't want to jinx it- we might end up spending a couple of weeks in Alabama next year if the boy's posting go through (yes, of course I'd asked him if he has a sweet home there hahaha).

13) Things on the work front have been pretty good too. Busy like hell but better busy than having nothing to do. Started a few new projects that I can't wait to share officially with you guys and have also been toying with the idea of relocating back to Bangkok to make things easier....

14) My right wrist has been hurting like a mf bitch for a while now. It hurts when I type (like right now), when I use chopsticks, when I sleep, when I do nothing wtf. And this worries me like ANYTHING because I'm totally dependent on my right hand. My left hand is completely useless. I've tried TCM, acupuncture, tui na and all but it doesn't seem to be working out so all I really want for Christmas right now is just for my wrist to be good again.

15) In other news, I've been really happy for the past 6 weeks.


Erabelle has just launched their Rose Otto Hydrosol (Duo Pack for $68.16) - This soothing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory facial mist makes a wonderful tonic for all skin types, especially dry, mature and sensitive skin. I've been using it for a while now to set my makeup and to hydrate my skin throughout the day. I like how it gives my makeup a dewy finish and it makes a handy companion for my thirsty skin in the air-conditioned office and on board the plane - which coincidentally, is where I'm typing this from haha.

I'm giving away two sets of this Rose Otto Hydrosol!

(To two winners lah, of course!)

All you have to do is to drop me an email at [email protected] telling me why you'd like to have it :blush:

Good luck have fun xx