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5 years ago / beauty

How I start and end my day!

Hi peeps!

Today I'm going to talk about how I start and end my day... facial cleansing regime wise!


I like to start my morning with a fresh and clean face so 1 to 2 times a week, I'll exfoliate my face to renew my skin for a smoother and brighter complexion.

pre’CARE is a natural back to basics brands that believes in “less is more”, inspiring to bring your skin close to nature. With the 4 skin promises in mind – No Fragrance, No Alcohol, No Colorants, No Parabens - pre’CARE reduces stress and burden on the skin, allowing your skin to breathe naturally, free it from impurities, stress and further environmental damage and regain its natural glow.


The pre’CARE Water Gel Exfoliator contains 80% pure water (hence the name!) and gently removes impurities and exfoliates dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation helps our skin to retain moisture and achieve healthy balanced skin that looks radiant and supple.

I really like its texture and how gentle it feels on the skin - gone are those days of rough exfoliating beads (that are not only harsh on the skin but also for the environment too!) In fact, this pre’CARE Water Gel Exfoliator has been tested against other exfoliators in the market on a piece of smooth glass surface and results showed that theirs is the most gentle, with no scratches found on the glass surface unlike other exfoliators.

I tried it out and cause I have used other gel exfoliators in the market, I was expecting to end up with the "dried up residue" that we often get but there was none of that and it felt very smooth upon application.

Directions for use: Cleanse your skin and pat dry with a towel. Pump 2 pumps of Water Gel Exfoliator onto palms and massage all over the face in small circular motions, concentrating on areas more prone to blackheads and whiteheads for around a minute. Wash off with water. (Video)


This is just after ONE use and my left hand (the one I tested it on) was immediately fairer as you can see in the picture and definitely much softer and smoother to touch. My photographer who saw the before / after was practically :scream: :scream: :scream: as we took these pics!

Price: $39.90

Available at: John Little (Plaza Singapura & Jurong Point), Oh Wow, Qoo10 Oh Wow and QOO10 Loveux

You can also find out more here!


Thank god - or whoever that invented micellar water - but it's the most convenient makeup remover ever!

MKUP from Taiwan was founded by a team of R&D professionals with more than 10 years of specialization in cosmetic and skincare.


Their MKUP Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water contains no alcohol, fragrance or colourant and features 5-in-1 skincare properties:

  • removes makeup
  • cleanses (as a facial cleanser)
  • tones (as a toner)
  • moisturizes
  • soothes & calms

I like how lightweight it is (it's practically like water!) which makes removing makeup after a long day out such a breeze. I used to dread the makeup removal process but it's so much easier these days plus, it removes eye makeup really well! I use it for waterproof mascara and it comes off easily - so there's no tugging which causes fine lines and wrinkles. The oil-free formulation also reduces the probability of milia seeds occurring around the eye area!

How to use:

1) Shake the bottle before use to mix the formula. Pour an adequate amount of MKUP Skin Purifier Micellar Cleansing Water onto a piece of cotton pad and hold it against eye/lip makeup for 10 seconds with a little pressure before wiping off.

2) Using another cotton pad, wipe of the face makeup in an outward direction starting from the center of the face. There is no need to rinse off with water.

3) To use as a toner, soak another piece of cotton pad with the Micellar Water and wipe across the face to tone (remove remaining makeup residue) and moisturize the face. You may place it on areas experiencing irritation/pimple/acne/sunburn for 5-10 seconds to soothe the skin

Price: $18.90

Available at: John Little (Plaza Singapura & Jurong Point), Oh Wow, Qoo10 Oh Wow and QOO10 Loveux

More info available here and here!

Here's to more beautiful skin! Yay!