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MMI Savour Gourmet Festival 2018

3 years ago / travel

I came, I saw, I ate.

Some of you might know that I used to frequent Shenzhen/ Guangdong for work with the previous business but it's been a few years now and I haven't stepped foot on Chinese soil since.

Until recently! And I must say I was very pleasantly surprised at how everything is so spruced up now! From the moment we landed at the pretty swanky Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport to the sights and sounds from the windows of our chartered car all the way to our hotel, things are now very different from the Shenzhen that I used to know.

For a start, I definitely wouldn't have associated the city with good food. And not just any other good food, we're talking about Michelin-starred standard kinda good.

So basically, the P24 team flew up to Shenzhen last week for the MMI Savour Gourmet Festival 2018.

You can read more about it here on but in a nutshell, the event amazingly put some six Michelin-starred and celebrity chefs together into one amazing food festival.

We suited up cause we were there for opening night and it was really kinda fancy schmancy, the Kevin Kwan's China Rich Girlfriend kinda fancy.

It was quite an eye-opener tbh, since we were there a day before opening night and this was how the actual site looked like. As you guys know, Smith and I come from a background of events and PR management, so being physically on-site instead of just consulting from behind the scenes like we usually do now actually brought a lot of memories. *cues sappy music lol *

All done up in 24 hours!

The biggest highlight for me, apart from the crazy good Roasted Lamb Rack by Chef Florian Favario, was the opportunity to get up close and personal with the different chefs and observing their kitchen dynamics firsthand. They say a man's sexiest when he's cooking hahaha and after this trip, I must say I can't disagree.

Here are some of the food we savoured! (Pun totally intended lol)

(I'm too lazy to name all the dishes again so you can read them off my article here, thank you very much.)

We actually had quite differing views about our favourites that night. For Smith, the Red Dragon Paviova by Australian Dessert Chef Samuel Yeo wins hands down but Nic claims it's got to be the Oyster Caviar by Chef Nicolas Isnard from Michelin 1-star restaurant L’Auberge de la Charme. He says it's even better than sex lol? For me, it's a tie between the pan-seared foie gras by Singapore represent Chef Douglas Tay from Michelin 1-star restaurant Osia (but it might be biased because I HAVE AN UNDYING LOVE FOR FOIE) and the caramalised scallop by Chef Reto Lampart from Michelin 1-star restaurant Lampart’s - it just melllllttteeedddddd in my mouth omg.

(By the way, I totally had a WE ARE SINGAPOREEEEEE moment of pride when I saw a patron going up to Chef Douglas Tay and telling him that his foie was the best dish he had all night :heart_eyes: )

Hahahaha eat also want to act avant-garde

Wouldn't be my blog without 10001 pictures of me right?!

MMI Savour Gourmet Festival 2018 is still on this weekend until 24 June at OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) Harbour, Shenzhen.

But if you aren't from Kevin Kwan's other book, Crazy Rich Asians, and won't be flying up in your private jet anytime soon, don't worry. The next installment of the MMI Savour Gourmet Festival will be happening later this year in another exciting city so keep a lookout for it!

Bon Appetit!


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