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5 years ago / lifestyle / beauty

The type of contact lenses I wear and where I get them.

I am quite shortsighted (about 400 on each eye) and can't live without my contact lens.

Since a bout of eye infection that took FOREVER to go away a few years ago, I have since switched to disposables for better hygiene.

I currently alternate between three types of lenses,

  • Clear daily disposables - I use these for my day-to-day meetings, when I meet clients, vendors etc and would rather not wear colored lenses cause it can look kinda... frivolous lol. Currently using the 1-Day Acuvue MOIST with Lacreon that's pretty good for dry eyes.

  • Coloured lens for photoshoots (it's what you mostly see in my polished Instagram pictures) - I use FreshLook Colorblends mostly cause of the slightly iris-enlarging (14.5mm) effect with my favourite colors being grey, hazel and green.

  • 1-Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon - this is like the in-between of the two above. It is not as defining as the coloured lens (14.2mm diameter and the colours are more subtle) but I like them cause they are daily disposables and I wear them for "important" occasions like my Mindef dinners and weddings, for that little bit of shine but not-too-much kinda look.

But I mostly work on my computer in small pockets of time throughout the day (e.g. in between meetings and shoots) and I like to wear my glasses when looking at the screen, so in a day, I can actually go through several pairs of lenses because... I try to keep my eyes as healthy as I can.

So I can actually wear my clear lenses for example, a morning meeting at 9am, then in between lunch and my next meeting at 4pm, I will throw away my lenses (daily lenses means no storage solution / lens cases etc needed) and put on a new pair at 3:45pm.

And yup, I know... contact lenses aren't exactly the cheapest in Singapore.

I was recently introduced to MrLens - a wide-ranged contact lens online retailer. They are based and ship from Malaysia but they ship via DHL Express to Singapore and honestly, having been in the e-commerce line, I can tell you they are more efficient than Singapore in more than a few ways.

I placed my order on Aug 11,


It was shipped on Aug 12,


And delivery attempted by Aug 14 :scream:

But because I had shipped it to the office and it was a Sunday, it was promptly redelivered on Aug 15 Monday.


Besides the prompt service and delivery, I also like the variety of contact lenses the site stocks (ranging from 2-Week Disposable to Monthly Disposable, 3-Monthly Disposable, Toric Lenses, Colored Lenses, Silicone Hydrogel and Multifocal Lenses) across different brands, the most popular being Acuvue, Freshlook, Freshkon, GEO and CooperVision.

(Note, eye care is really important to me so I highly recommend contact lens users go for regular eye checks to make sure everything's ok. Fun fact! Did you know you can actually get them done at the Singapore Polytechnic Optometry Centre?)

For more info,

Instagram: @Mrlens_Malaysia