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Mucota treatment at Artistry Hair Professional

5 years ago / beauty / dress up / hair

Getting my hair game on, strong.

These days, my morning prep has been reduced to the bare 10-minute minimum - these set of pictures were taken when I just got out of bed, threw on a new dress, slapped on tinted sunscreen and out of the house I go. Pretty much my everyday routine now thanks to eyeliner embroidery, and the Mucota treatment I recently did at Artistry Hair Professional!

No washing, no blowing - in fact, I sometimes fall asleep with wet hair the night before (very bad, I know!) but my hair still looks this effortless the next morning.

So this is my BEFORE photo...

Which a far cry from my original frizzy hair texture with natural curls.

...And after! See the difference?!

The Mucoto Dyna Argan Oil treatment from Japan contains argan oil (like the name suggests) alongside honey, shea butter and collagen. It repairs damaged hair as it straightens your hair, leaving it feeling soft and deeply moisturized.

The result?

Smooth, soft, shiny hair that lasts for 6 months.

This is how my hair looked right after the treatment and how it typically looks if I wash it in the morning, let it air-dry to about 70-80% dry and comb it through.

Artistry Hair Professional is conveniently located at International Plaza, right in the heart of Tanjong Pagar and I love the exclusive, relaxed feel of the salon - they have an amazing playlist by the way!

My hairstylist Elein is the sweetest, most affable and sophisticated Artistic Director around and I would definitely recommend her.

The Mucota treatment ranges about $250 to $310 depending on hair length and texture. Quote Flora Isabelle to enjoy 10% off.

Yay to fresh new hair!

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