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Must-haves for your Aussie adventure

5 years ago / Hidden

Looking back through the blog I realised that I haven’t included any packing tips! So in light of my recent Australian adventures, I thought I should be like Olivia Palermo and showcase my own failsafe habits for ensuring that you’re suitably prepared for a trip Down Under!




These are an absolute must for any traveller. I always use any plane time as an excuse to take a well-deserved nap and earplugs are a perfect way for tuning out all of the noise around you in the cabin. And whilst I do love travelling with my friends, I also like to be able to try and turn off at the end of the day. So even if we’ve been out partying at the beach or dancing amidst the clubs and casinos of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, then I can be assured of getting some beauty sleep!

Eye mask

If you’re using earplugs, then you may as well go all the way and get a decent eyemask too. These can be pretty handy in helping you adjust to any differences in time zones and minimise the effects of jet lag. Plus you can now can get all kinds of fancy gel-based eyemasks that can soothe and hydrate your eyes so that you’re suitably refreshed for the morning!



Of course, I’d never go anywhere without my handy smartphone to keep informed and entertained. Obviously I’m a massive fan of the likes of Instagram, but I also like to show off the fun that we’re having in Oz back home through some of the fun social video sites like Snapchat. And even airports can be made a lot more fun thanks to smartphones as you can visit an online gaming site like Lucky Nugget Casino where their games of online roulette prove that waiting for the spin is a lot more fun than waiting for a plane!

Hanging washbag


OK so this one isn’t too glamorous, but if you’re travelling across the Outback and you make a stop at one of those road-stop washes, then you’ll be thankful that I recommended taking a hanging washbag. This can be a real lifesaver as it stops your clothes and possessions getting soggy on the inevitably damp washroom floors!

Good boots


And finally, as Australia is a nation where the great outdoors means that you have to tackle some pretty rugged terrain, you should definitely pack some good boots in your rucksack. But obviously don’t forget to pack in some compact heels too so that you can look suitably glam when visiting the nation’s opulent casinos later!