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My 2014

6 years ago / personal / working girl

This year in review - What I did, what I learned and what I'm thankful for.

I know, I say this every year, "Woah I can't believe it's been a year!" but yes, I can't believe we'll be ushering in 2015 in a matter of hours.

I sometimes hate this time of the year cause it kinda makes me feel like I have not accomplished enough.

Not to mention that come 2015, I will turn 30 and officially enter Auntiehood wtf.

Somehow this year feels more momentous than previous years, but then again I think I say this every year also lol. So anyway here goes... my reflections for 2014: What I did or didn't do, what I learned and what I'm thankful for.

1) I learned to be a wife.

Well, we got married last year but I think we were still on a honeymoon high... and that it is only this year that I somehow "grew up" and started shouldering more responsibilities and transitioned from being a girlfriend to a life partner.

I learned that getting married is not just about the Vera Wang and putting a ring on it (I don't even wear my bling anymore), but it's now about us and no longer about me (while at the same time, not losing myself... tough balance, this one.)

Stuff like it's no longer about my money, my shopping but our money, our responsibilities. No longer my career, my plans but our future, our life. It's honestly not very easy, because there're so many things that I've always wanted to do (travel the world, live/ work abroad again, pursue my Master's etc) and have yet to accomplish.. but I've learnt (and am still learning!) that it is no longer just about MY choices in life but how the decisions WE make will end up affecting OUR lives.

Easier said than done though... I recently had to forego a career opportunity that left me feeling sad for a while and I guess I'm going to have to spend my life continuously learning how to be a (better) wife.

2) Travelled a fair bit

On to happier things!

I thought we travelled quite a bit in 2013 because we were trying to milk all the travel opportunities we can get before the boy returns to work but as it turns out, this year I managed to squeeze more happy travels in!

There were nearby getaways...

Anniversary trip to Avillion Port Dickson

Ate our hearts out in Malacca

All girls' trip to Tempat Senang

Went a little further to Taipei...

And stuffed my face with Ah Zhong Mian Xian!

Also visited Hong Kong & Macau (which I have yet to blog about :sweat_smile: )

Then the boy went back to work and got posted to Australia TWICE in 6 months...

Managed to visit him on one posting and that was probably the best trip of 2014 :)

As for the other deployment that I wasn't allowed to visit, I took off to Khao Yai...

And Pattaya...

And of course Bangkok <3

3) Became known as The Military Wife

There was that blog post that went viral (I still don't like this term btw). Today, I still get random people who, when I meet for the first time, tell me "Oh I read your blog!"

I have been blogging for a number of years now but this has never really happened until recently.

Some of my other blog posts also got quite a number of shares...

And the more recent How to make your relationship work.

That being said, I still wish I have more time to blog. So many things I want to share!! Anecdotes about the husband, new food haunts and my "Things to do in Bangkok" post that has been sitting in my drafts for one year and counting...

4) Cut toxic people loose

I made new friends, and became closer to some, rekindled old friendships and at the same time, decided to cut some people loose.

Our time is pretty limited, I rarely have enough time for myself and quality time for people that matter as it is. So why waste it on unhealthy relationships or people that bring out the worst in us?

5) Serious Financial Responsibilities

Gone were the days where financial responsibility meant working hard to buy that bag in the window.

I didn't really write about it but anyhows, we had put our names down to a piece of property and in between the mortgage, bank loan and construction, realised that we'll need to continue working for a long, long time.

6) Started thinking about kids

If you know me in real life, you'll know that I don't like kids very much. Though I got to admit that shopping for shoes in miniature sizes sounds kinda fun...

The husband, on the other hand, loves children. The more the merrier wtf.

I don't hate them... but I think that being a parent is the biggest commitment in the world and I don't think I'm ready to sign up for this yet. I will want to give my child the best educational opportunities we can afford. Of course I know that academic success is not everything and does not entirely determine your eventual success in life but I also know that I'm probably a crazy Tiger Mom in the making... which involves a lot of money and time on my end, neither of which I'm willing to completely sacrifice at the moment.

But I did manage to reach a compromise with the hubs that we can have ONE kid (two means DOUBLE the effort ok!) in a FEW YEARS.

7) Work developments

ClubCouture did pretty well and we saw significant growth overseas, especially in the US where we've been focusing quite a bit on this past year. I still love what I do - which is ultimately, still the most important thing.

I've also embarked on another (fashion-related) project that I can't wait to share more about! Soon!

And so, here's my entire year condensed into 1000 words. 2014 has been kind to me and I certainly hope that 2015 will be wonderful for all of us - new year, new beginnings!

Happy New Year my dears! :tada: