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My 2015 in review

5 years ago / personal

This year in review - the highs, the lows and what I'm thankful for.

We're in the final 12 hours of 2015 (or 24, depending on which part of the world you live in) and I'm typing this on my phone (which I really hate by the way - give me my laptop anytime) while having sushi alone with some classical rendition of Angels We Have Heard On High playing in the background.

2015 has been life-changing and pretty rough in some ways - I turned 30, found and lost love, made some extremely tough calls but I'm also ending this year on an exceptionally thankful note.

In quick summary;

1. Cutting certain stuff loose

As some of you know, I run a couple of businesses and this year, I made a tough call to drop one. Not because it wasn't making money but because the toxic environment was really getting to me and I couldn't deal with all the negativity anymore. It was probably the first time in my life I decided that I really need to start doing things for myself instead of my stakeholders and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do (cues 98 Degrees lol) - I couldn't sleep for days, I cried for nights but the good thing is I lost some weight wtf.

We also ventured into something new in Thailand - in the areas of social business solutions and media communication - which err, makes me sound a lot more grownup and official as compared to my previous description of "Hello, I sell clothes." :joy:

2. Health is really, wealth


I suffered through an aching right wrist, lived through a fall (still having to deal with the scar tho) and had a root canal surgery done. Definitely the year with the most number of antibiotics popped.

3. Be kind always

I've always done things for people without expecting anything in return because I believe life has its own way of paying it forward.

This year, I've been extremely -caution: hipster-est word ahead- blessed with some pretty neat opportunities and people I'm so, so, so grateful for.

(By the way, I was at International Plaza yesterday when I was stopped by a stranger who told me I will be very lucky come 2016 and that I will receive 3 pieces of good news in January. Then I waited for him to try to sell me some nonsense pots and pans or cutlery or something but he just smiled, wished me a Happy New Year and walked away. Wtf. #StrangestEncounter)

4. This blog


The start of 2015 saw me on the cover of the Straits Times as an "influencer". One year on, my stand remains the same that I write in this space hoping to make a positive influence... (also because my husband doesn't listen to my rambly thoughts and they have to go SOMEWHERE.)

A few of my thoughts made their way around the Internet:

and I also had a tiny moment of glory when Ho Ching shared my blog post teehee :ok_woman:


Though my favorite post is probably Meeting the Tans because it made me realize how kind the world can be. I had quite a few people messaging and emailing me asking how they can help, from financial assistance to job offers for Mr Tan :heart:

5. I found balance

I wanted to write Happiness but somebody once told me that I don't look happy.

Few months on, I think I finally have the answer. No, I don't think we can ever be truly happy but I've found balance - between time for myself, time for the things that MAKE me happy, time for my family and the ability to tell myself, this email can wait till tomorrow.

You see, it's tempting to wish for the perfect job, the perfect relationship, or the perfect dress. But I think what's better than continuously trying to seek this perfection is to not quit, play the hand you've been dealt and accessorize what you've got.

Facebook just reminded me that 2 years ago I was sipping fine ocha at Kawaguchi-ko to a view of Mt Fuji. Tonight, I'm just going to spend it at home with the hubs. Nothing fancy, we didn't even make dinner reservations - I think we are just going to put a couple of steaks on the grill but hey, in the words of the late Paul Walker,

"You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae."

Happy New Year, friends!