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5 years ago / working girl

Your "what camera do you use?" question answered.

One of the questions I get a lot on Instagram is "What camera do you use?" - I usually alternate between 3 devices for my pictures i.e. my full-frame mirrorless camera, phone (usually for Boomerang) and the FUJIFILM X-A2 for everything in between.

This high-performance compact camera is great for portraits (especially selfies with its LCD flip screen), landscapes, macro shots, low-light or flash photography.

It is also very small and light (350g lol) and fits easily into my handbag on days that I want to carry a camera around (I mean, what if I eat something really Insta-worthy for lunch?!) but will be out from morning to night.

The camera shoots in both jpeg and raw formats which works well for me cause when I'm on the go (especially when travelling), I can easily transfer the pics from my camera to my phone via wifi to upload on Instagram.

Alternatively, if I am feeling more of a perfectionist that day and want to edit the pictures properly, I also get to enjoy the flexibility of editing the raw files on my computer.

I usually shoot on manual mode because I am a control freak but the Aperture-Priority Auto takes amazing pictures too when I rather the sophisticated Fujifilm high-performance system decide for me. These pictures I had previously blogged about were shot on the Aperture-Priority Auto setting.

And these, on manual.

I'm obviously not a pro-photographer (you can see some crazy sample images here) but this is exactly what the camera is good for - something easy, nifty and great for documenting your everyday moments... so you can post it on Instagram :joy:

And better yet, the FUJIFILM X-A3 (harder, better, faster, stronger!) is coming up soon at just S$999 with the XC16-50MM II Kit lens. It's now available for pre-order until 21 October 2016 with some pretty cool free gifts thrown in too.

Find out more about the FUJIFILM X-A3 here.