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Girls' night out

6 years ago / food / personal

Oysters, martinis and girl talk kinda night.

In what feels like FOREVER, I finally met up with my girls last night!

For oysters, sashimi, martinis and a healthy dose of girl talk.

"Gasp, you mean he did WHAT?"

Yes, I can't get enough of sashimi.

Tanuki was a pretty nice place - the outdoor dining area provides a good view of bustling orchard road and if you head there during Happy Hour, you get to enjoy $10 martinis and oysters at $2 a pop.

We would have an exceptional night out, if not for the fact that service there was well, quite lacking.

(I mean, the waitress actually gave me a dirty look when I asked for two more lemon wedges. Seriously?)

And how they kinda forgot about our fish tacos and we had to ask them to cancel it since it was taking forever to arrive, and then it miraculously appeared again on our bill - which again took forever to be processed.

BUT I will definitely return again cause the oysters were really fresh and I'm a sucker for city lights. In fact, I'm thinking of dragging the husband there for date night tonight teehee.

And in any case, the company more than made up for it. I love how one minute we can be all grown up and discussing about new homes (and how I'm STILL afraid of the dark), work promotions and upcoming travels (we have Maldives, NYC and Abu Dhabi amongst the 3 of us!) and the next we are all squealing about boys... like we were 17 again.

Except that we had to call it a night by 930pm.

真是不认老也不行 :sweat_smile:

PS: I just started writing for! Here's my first article - 5 things we need to stop doing at traditional Chinese weddings in S’pore for a start.