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What I Instagrammed vs What REALLY Happened

6 years ago / travel / personal / bali

Sorry guys, my life is still a lie.

Okay, so I was recently in Bali.

And it must be the fake lashes and push up bra again (and maybe the cheerleader effect too cause I had 3 other gorgeous girls with me) because our pictures came out - if I may say so myself - pretty good.


Like you know, anyhow splash water in a pool also ended up all over paparazzi magazines haha. (My ultimate goal in life checked :joy:)

But as I had previously confessed, my Instagram life is a lie and I had friends asking me to do a confession post for this trip too... and so, here's the sequel...

What I Instagrammed vs What I REALLY did - The Bali Edition.

1) The Facebook Cover Shot


What I Instagrammed: Just me soaking in the pool of eternal bliss. Someone even commented that I look like 仙女下凡 - like a fairy! :innocent:

What I REALLY did: You won't believe it but this is a swimming pool (and not some abyss of eternal life). I was also totally NOT prepared to go for a swim and ended up having to take off my denims and running into the pool in my undies (Victoria Secret's in case you're wondering) much to the amusement of the other hotel guests around. To make matters worse, my fake lashes dropped off as I tried to swim to the "right spot" (I say try because I was half-swimming, half-tiptoeing to avoid getting my hair wet) to capture this shot FML.

2) The Eat Pray Love Shot


Because you CANNOT go to Bali and not take a picture at the UNESCO rice fields without alluding to that popular book.

What I Instagrammed: Eat, Pray, Love yadayada... insert zen quote here.

What I REALLY did: You can't see it but I was actually at the edge of this SUPER HIGH cliff (like several storeys high) and there I was, legs dangling out and fearing for my life (which probably explains the stiff posture).

Also, all that rice is making me think about lunch. I REALLY want my spicy McNuggets, damnit.

3) The Cooking Class Shot


What We Instagrammed: Cooking class? Easy peasy. We will ace it so well we can go back and open our own Balinese restaurant. Called The Spice Girls.

What REALLY happened: Did you say cooking class? Well, it was more like an ACTING class. Because for that ONE second that the chef left us on our own...


This happened.

4) Flowers Are Pretty


What I Instagrammed: Because every girl on Instagram has GOT to have a floral crown photo. So hippie, so boho, so Pinterest. I love to surround myself with flowers and all things beautiful.

What REALLY happened: We couldn't find enough greenery GREEN enough at the beach so we finally found a shrub at our lift lobby. I had to maintain a half-squat position while looking into the distance (all that strong core exercises at yoga's doing me good) while my photographer friend Zach hid behind a flower pot and lay on the floor to get me this shot. Teamwork.

5) The Sunrise Princess shot


What I Instagrammed: Early morning stroll, 50 shades of blue... I love mother nature, mother nature loves me we are happy family.

What REALLY happened:

I had this mental image to nab this shot:



Just not as sexy obviously.

But when it came to my turn....

I didn't expect the wave to be SO BIG...

So I started screaming and running...

And it was all. caught. on. camera.

Perfect example of expectation vs reality.

(All photos from my lying Instagram account @floraisabelle)