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My Japan Haul!

4 years ago / travel / japan / tokyo / being mommy

Also known as Hauling with Dog

Here's presenting my Japan whore (watch this video to know what I mean lol) haul from my recent trip to Tokyo.

Also, this series will be aptly titled Hauling with Dog (after the popular Japanese YouTube cooking show Cooking with Dog because, as you will see, many of the pictures contain a certain furry photobomb -_-)

(Photos taken on my iPhone cause lazy, hence the quality but I think the minion did a great job with the editing!)

Beauty products! As always.

Got the Scholl compression stockings for the sister-in-law cause she said it works in making her legs look slimmer and since it's made in Japan and hence cheaper there, I got for myself too. Hopefully it can do something about my water retention and leg cramps.

More, more, more refill packs of micellar water (the usual Bifesta and also trying a new brand Lachesca by Softymo by Kose cause I can't resist anything labelled 人氣 #sucker), Biore makeup remover, hair treatment, Kose BB cream, Clear Last Face Powder (the coverage is amazing!) and Pure Smile facial masks which is a Japanese brand but made in Korea. The masks smell pretty good (especially peach!) but I think I'll stick to my Innisfree sheet masks for hydration efficacy.

Also got the Ettusais lip essence sticks in clear and tinted red. LOVE the colour and feel - it gives this healthy sheen to my lips while keeping them very moisturised - and the thickness of the stick but not so much the Winnie the Pooh packaging because it looks kinda... tacky ><

The best eyelid tape in the world! I have tried countless brands but nothing comes close to being as invisible as this. Available at almost any tourist tax-free cosmetics store.

My everyday BB cream! This Sekkisui range is an affordable line by Kose and 7-Eleven and when I mean affordable, I think this BB cream is like only S$12? Comes in two shades. I stock up on this and the washing cream every time I head back to Japan.


Not including those I chomped down on a daily basis. Found a supermarket near our hotel and we got one bottle of truffle oil at only JPY600 (S$8?) to eat with our McDonalds fries for supper lololol BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST TRUFFLE OIL OF OUR LIVES we ended up going back the next day to buy another two bottles lol.

Other life-changing food items include,

Raisin butter! You just slice it up and eat it like cheese (#thisiswhyimphat) but transporting it back was a little tricky cause it has to be refrigerated. I ended up protecting it in my lingerie (clean ones only!!!) pouch.

This raisin shortcake sandwich from Lawson. Omg what dope do they put in their raisins?!

Snacks for the fussy dog.

Ok. Cheese > Beef, we get it.

Also, it was cherry season when I was there so every single day, I will finish a punnet. By myself. I conclude that the USA cherries we have been buying from Cold Storage are all fake.

Except the ones at Cold Storage Takashimaya Singapore that are imported from Japan... but my heart kinda stopped when I saw the price tag.

This trip was a little different because we had to "run baby errands" and by that I mean stock up on the cutest clothes. Mostly from Petit Bateau and Gap!

Both are for 0-3 months but see how much smaller the Petit Bateau's romper is as compared to Gap? :joy:

And suddenly Burger looks damn big :scream:

More baby stuff.

Ok in Tokyo (and maybe rest of Japan too), you won't find baby stuff at the department stores like Takashimaya or Isetan except lots and lots of pretty clothes like Baby Dior which made me want to have a girl PRONTO and we were getting quite frustrated at trying to get the Meiji milk powder (will get to that in a bit) because everyone online says you'd have to go the neighbourhood Aeon which is not very feasible given my walking speed (and stamina) these days.

Then on the second last day, just when I was about to give up, guess where we found these?

At the unlikeliest of places, BIC Camera (yes it's an electronics store) in Shinjuku. Apparently it's called BICQLO cause it's opened in collaboration with Uniqlo - where we also got many many tees for the hubs and AIRism bra tops for me.

This is the milk powder I lugged all the way back! Would have bought more if not for the fact that we only travelled with ONE suitcase for the TWO of us cause I'm totally incapable of handling my suitcase in my current state. Btw 380JPY = S$5 wtf but it's not because I niao to pay for exorbitant milk powder in Singapore.

Well... maybe that too but the main reason is, these Meiji ones comes in cubes like a chocolate bar that you can just break off and add hot water. One cube makes 40ml of milk so you can measure and prepare accordingly!

Makes going out with Junior so much easier!

(Also cause the hubs firmly believes that everything Japanese incl milk powder is of the highest quality. In his words, "Don't you think the average Japanese is a lot smarter than the average insert random nationality?" Lol.)

Of course I'll aim to breastfeed but just in case! Also, I was considering between Meiji and Morinaga because the latter is said to be consumed by the Japanese royal family lolol.

And get this, milk tea for Mommies! Apparently it's prenatal supplementary milk that's milk tea flavoured and they even have it in matcha, cafe au lait and maple! It's been hard for me to give up my daily teh c kosong peng and Koi milk tea (though I do have my cheat days ><) so this is possibly one of my best buys the entire trip.

Training chopsticks though Junior won't use it till like he's 1? But these come with holes for you to stick your fingers in. Those that I have seen in Singapore don't come with such and like the husband says, I can start on them first to learn how to use chopsticks properly zzz.

Because it was a rainy day, they even wrapped our paper bag in plastic sheets.

Sigh, Japanese standards of customer service.

Oh ya! We got new kicks too! My Puma sneakers cost me like only S$50 wth?!