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7 years ago / personal

Responding to the responses on my previous blog post.

So my last blog post got kind of popular... so much so that my server crashed over the weekend. Twice. -__-

I certainly didn't expect it to get that kind of reach it did (since it sounded a little propaganda-ish) and I was expecting a slew of hate comments to come my way. (Which thankfully, were very few.)

Over the past 48 hours, I've received quite a few messages and while I tried to reply to all of them without repeating myself... it was quite hard. But I did read every single one of them, especially those who offered alternative viewpoints and even the cruelest of the lot.

May I then, with your permission, offer an opinion or two to your responses:


As I said previously, as the mic was turned off, we don't know what exactly transpired between the Reader and the Guy in uniform.

But from what I saw in the video, I don't see how the Guy in uniform was NOT being courteous. To me, he was in fact being very considerate and courteous by repositioning his car, because what normally happens at the gas station is that, if the cars in front of you are ALL not done, you'd have to wait in your car until there's an empty space for you to move off. And in this case, there WAS in fact an empty space on the right which the Reader could have used to exit the station. (But chose not to.)

I understand that officers in the armed forces and any other civil servant are ALWAYS expected to behave well in public (be courteous, well-mannered etc) and I totally agree with this. But my point was about how people deliberately single out military personnel or civil servants or anyone and anything they think works for/ is associated to a certain political party and find any and every illogical reason to judge and condemn them.

A friend commented about how she witnessed a nurse getting scolded for sitting down on the MRT and can we remember the incident of the NS boy who was stomped for sitting on the train (instead of giving it up for an eldery woman standing right in front of him)? And how there was a reserve seat that was deliberately cropped out?

What I'm trying to ask for, is that we stop all this irrational and blind hate. I don't like how we are turning a witch hunting, self destructing nation :pensive:

There were also some other points brought up such as the (lack of) social graciousness in Singapore and different treatments in NS and how people ascend the ranks in the military/ civil sector... which are all (long) points of their own. I might get down to addressing these in the future, when I can find the time to explore and the inspiration to write.

Have a great week y'all!