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My Way or the Runway

4 years ago / military wife

Military wife takes on the runway.

I spent my junior college years in Victoria JC right next to the ECP and my current frequent commute to the airport requires me to take the same expressway and every time I pass the stretch where there are removable potted plants in the centre, every single time without fail, emergency runway comes to mind.

You guys know it too right? RIGHT?

(Anyway I had to google it to make sure it's safe to be published here, I mean, we all know it but I don't want to be compromising national security or sth lol. But since LTA has published it on its website, I shall conclude it safe lol.)

So anyway, yesterday at the Exercise Torrent preview - otherwise known as the Alternate Runway Exercise, because that's what IT IS - I got to witness firsthand our new F-15SG fighter jets taking off and landing at another converted runway along Lim Chu Kang road.

And they say I'm too short for the runway lol

You can read all about it (in a more professional voice) lol in this article I published on Unscrambled - that I very aptly titled Runway Or Another - but (in a less professional voice), here's my take:

1) Our boys work really hard

I mean, I was there for all of 2 hours and despite being loaded with SPF130 sunscreen, I STILL came back sunburnt.

I can't imagine how much effort these 110 servicemen have put in (remember how this week was SCORCHING with the 35 degrees burn?!) for this Exercise.

Sure, I know who cares about the sun when we're at war but come on lah, let's give credit when it's due.

2) I'm really proud of our armed forces and our country

I can't say this enough but recently I was driving in LA and one thing that really disturbed me was the lack of street lamps on the freeways. They instead had lights along the road dividers which in comparison, made me feel that the current lighting on our CTE is good enough for the F1 night race without the additional lights.

So while we have all these street lamps for our safety, they yet have the foresight to make them removable and all... plus to be able to do so within 48 hours (though you know I know, our ever-ready SAF ALWAYS overdelivers...)

And yes, it's really right next to the Chinese Cemetery. We drove past my grandmother's "house" on route to the runway.

Also, I know this exercise is all about honing the RSAF's operational readiness but they needn't have to engage the public and inevitably put up with annoying media questions, like this conver I had with this poor soul...

Me: So this is normally a public road right? Where does it lead to?

RSAF officer: Yup. This way leads to LCK and this way goes to the residential estates... where are you from again?

Me: Singapore...

* Confused look on his face *

Me: Err... Serangoon?

Only when the guy next to me replied "I'm from ST" then did I realise what just happened fml.