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Naka Kirei

3 years ago / beauty

Tackling constipation and bloating with natural Japanese enzymes.

Lately, I have been facing some bloating and constipation issues and not only does it make me feel really uncomfortable (AND FAT!!! That's why you keep seeing me wearing super loose dresses in all my IG pics hahaha), it was starting to show even on my face. I was breaking out like crazyyyyyy!

That's when I knew I needed to detox fast - and safely.

I was recently introduced to Naka Kirei Enzymes from Japan (you guys know how I love all things Japanese) and you will be assured to know that it is made in Japan, and shipped directly from Japan to Singapore.

Naka Kirei Enzymes is made with natural ingredients only by Hakko Seikatsu Co.,Ltd using Japanese traditional fermentation technology. The brand is a bestseller in Japan and since its inception in 2010, it has been featured in numerous women's magazines such as Miss and 美ST.

So what exactly are enzymes?

Actually, enzymes are already present in the food we eat such as miso and natto but realistically, we don't consume such food on a daily basis and additionally, our typical diet usually contains a lot of noodles, bread and cake which all lead to bloating.

The Naka Kirei enzymes are made with all-natural ingredients such as fermented soybeans, grains, and lactic acid bacteria with no preservatives added.

Because enzymes are essential to digest the food we eat, it is recommended to take 1 to 3 capsules a day with warm water. It can be taken before or after meals.

As our bodies are all different, you can adjust the enzymes consumption until you find something that works best for your body. For me personally, I feel that taking one capsule just before bedtime helps A LOT with my constipation.

If you are suffering from constipation or bloating or are looking for a general detox or weight loss alternative, you may want to give Naka Kirei Enzymes a try!

You can now order it directly from their Singapore site, click here for more info!