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Nate's first birthday

3 years ago / being mommy

Omg my boy is now ONE!

My boy is officially into toddlerhood! Cues confetti and lots and lots and lots of tears. Why do they grow up so fast?!

For his first birthday, we - or rather I, since the hubs leaves "such matters" entirely to me - toyed with the idea of throwing a birthday party but I eventually decided against it because,

  • Logistically it sounded like a nightmare, almost like planning a wedding all over again.
  • He was in the midst of transitioning from two to one nap/s and I didn't want to plan a party and end up having him sleep through it.
  • He was also going through a phase where he HATED people talking loudly and singing and clapping lol so I could imagine him crying through his celebration lol. We did a super mini advanced cake cutting session for him earlier in the month when Garry's sister was back from London and gosh, he cried so pitifully. I think the video's still on my IG highlights.
  • I didn't want to be the party grinch and tell everyone to wash/ sanitise their hands before they touch or carry him lolol which btw was exactly what I did during his first month celebration.
  • And I suddenly can't remember the last point.

So we ended up doing a series of small celebrations over the course of three weeks.

(Oh I remember the last point now - I thought it would be more meaningful to have more intimate sessions so he is able to enjoy them better.)

Lunar birthday

We kickstarted celebrations with his lunar birthday.

I actually didn't know much about this tradition until I saw one of my Julia Gabriel moms doing it haha.

The story goes that according to Chinese custom, stepping on the ang ku kueh symbolises that everything in life would be 顺顺利利 for the child so I ordered the super big ang ku kueh from Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park near Tanjong Pagar.

(Grab a few boxes of regular ang ku kueh when you're there. They're DELICIOUS!)

It didn't go too well though lol, his pants got stuck on the sticky kueh...

And he didn't like that very much.

So poor thing in this photo aiyooo.

We ended up having to remove his pants. It was a nightmare trying to wash them by the way. Everything was a gooey, sticky, wet MESS.

Then according to custom, after the child steps on the kuehs, he/she will have to wear a new pair of shoes that's been prepared at the side.

So happy to be free...

That's also when he started taking his first steps and also the start of my immense backache as a result of bending over all the time to hold his hands. These days he alternates between running like cray (even though he's not exactly very stable) and flat out refusing to walk. So between the picking up and putting down... #godblessmyback.

We ended the celebration with red eggs, mee sua and chicken drumstick for lunch :) For him lah, not me.

Celebration with family

We did a simple lunch with both sides of the family at Grand Hyatt and this was when he got his first taste of ondeh ondeh with the ondeh ondeh cake from Bloomsbury Bakers.

We also had to WHISPER his birthday song while putting our hands together gently so he wouldn't cry lol.

Cake smash

On his actual birthday, we started the morning with a cake smash. The plan was that he can have the cake for breakfast lol.

But with this boy, of course, nothing goes as planned. Not on the day he arrived and definitely not some 365 days later.

He ended up hating it.

I think he didn't like the texture of the cake and cream (this boy likes his food REALLY HARD) and we tried to get him "in the mood" by smearing some cream on him,

Which was a pretty bad idea cause he started crying like crazy.

Aiyo, another pitiful shot.

Thank goodness I didn't invest in a professional cake smash shoot cause I don't think that would have went well at all.

We then spent the rest of the day at Sentosa and at the S.E.A. Aquarium since his favourite book atm is Sea Creatures by Lovisa Sladen which he makes us read to him like, I don't know, only 4000 times a day?

He had A GREAT TIME at the aquarium identifying the sharks and stingrays and angelfish... sigh, too cute.

I had a great time cause it was air-conditioned.

Then we came back and cut another cake by Bloomsbury - strawberry shortcake this time round.

Cake cutting

Errr, nothing much coming up except photo spam of my boy looking cute. Again, we whispered his birthday song hahaha.

He could clap his hands by then so he was happily clapping along to the hushed whispers lol.

I got the cake toppers from MistyDaydream (found them via Google) and they are both different ok!

Ok the end.

Oh ya, one more last celebration.

Tiger Moms' cubs

Nate had another Bloomsbury cake this year with his favourite friends hehehe. What started as a Tula-addict support group lolol has now evolved to a Tiger Moms club where we chat all day about erm, tiger mom stuff such as pre-school choices and scare ourselves with primary school admission and balloting results.

Love these girls and their bubs to bits.

To my precious baby boy, it's been one hell of an amazing year with you and I can't believe how much you fill my heart. You make me so happy every single moment of every single day and I can't wait to go through every step of your life with you! Stay happy and healthy always and may you get into Harvard soon. MIT is fine too. No pressure lol.

We love you infinitely. To the moon and back.