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[email protected] 2016

5 years ago / military wife / lifestyle

The tri-service military wife strikes again, last time I promise!

So, over the weekend I was at the [email protected] 2016 exhibition.

Always proud to see our national flag flying high!

Has it been ONE YEAR since the last exhibition?!

Anyway, much has been changed - I took on new jobs, grew out my hair (it's the longest it has ever been for YEARS!) and upped my photography skillz... to take photos like that:

During the ceremonial sunset

Check out THAT sunset!

Last year we went up RSS Endurance which was the exact boat ship the husband sailed on in our SAF's counter-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden before we got married.

This year, I explored the frigate RSS Tenacious – together with a Sikorsky S-70B naval helicopter - docked at VivoCity.

My selfie is cooler than yours

Sooooo, how was my experience?

1) The frigate is a lot bigger than I thought it was / it appears to be.

2) The officers' cabins are pretty cool - this is an actual cabin of ME4 Wilson Goh, a Senior Combat System Engineer. His wife is very pretty! (From their wedding photos on the wall.)

(I promptly came back to ask the hubs that time he sailed did he put my photo on the wall not.. he replied that he didn't want to scare his cabin mates -_-"')

3) I'm reminded again about how food onboard is always very ah-mazing cause food = morale, especially sometimes these ships can be sailing for months. Plus, how pro our cooks are to have secondary duties such as medic etc on top of serving restaurant-standard meals.

They made me take this photo so I can caption She's da bomb...

More photos from the ceremonial sunset.

Our boys <3

Errr... me trying to ask some intelligent-sounding questions. Like How does our Navy name its ships? Who's Singapore's first naval admiral? So, does the frigate have anti-submarine warfare capabilities?


(Though actually everything is available via Google and Wikipedia lol)

And that marks the end of my internet military wife duties for the year.

(First with the RSAF Open House, then the Army in the Heartlands Exhibition - I did a Facebook live video for this, my first ever! So very act shy lolol and finally concluding it with the Navy's.)

Till the next! xxx