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Never say Never

6 years ago / personal

Because the universe has ears.

Seriously, I thought I'd be an expert at this "Don't speak too soon" thang by now.

Just the other day, I was talking to a friend about injuries and being the big-mouth that I am, I happily proclaimed, "You know I have NEVER sprained anything? And I'm very lucky that I have no ugly scars on my legs, arms etc."

And then that very same night... when I was crossing the road, one second I was happily chatting with my companion and the next, I found myself on the ground with a very bad scrape on my knee - right smack in the middle of Orchard Road no less.

First thought that came to my mind?


Second thought?

The conversation with my friend that afternoon. About how his relative had a random fall and the wound got infected and she came down with a high fever. Went to hospital etc and the doctor diagnosed that she had to amputate her leg due to the infection. They amputated it, she went home... only to pass away two weeks later.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

So for the next 48 hours, I observed the wound like a bloody hawk on steroids. After 48 hours of intent staring, I decided that it wasn't healing fast enough and so I made my way to the doctors and went for the full option of tetanus jabs (yup), antibiotics, anti-inflammation pills AND antiseptic cream so strong it'll probably make childbirth feel like a spa session wtf.

Then every night I'll scream bloody murder as I undress the wound, wash it with soapy water wtf, pile up on said antiseptic cream and wait to die. I'm surprised I'm still breathing as I type this really.

1 week on and T-5 to Perth, this is how the wound looks like.

(Warning: Graphic Image ahead)


(Pardon unwaxed legs because injury maybe?)

The hubs says it's healing and that I'm being my usual drama queen self BUT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO BE THE CASE TO ME???!

And so, I've been practising OOTD poses to cross my right knee over the injured left so you don't see the wound haha and keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed and also working very hard to generate as much positive karma as I can... And by the way, I'm hereby proclaiming out loud to the universe that "You know, I have NEVER once thought about marrying Channing Tatum?"

Or Brad Pitt.

Thank you very much.

Psst, cover image selected as such because... THE FALLS wtf.