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The new Instagram might actually just be better

5 years ago / working girl

My 2 cents on the new Instagram algorithm.

I'm no Instagram expert, neither am I claiming nor pretending to be one but if you use this social media platform you'd have seen since yesterday quite a few users asking their followers to turn on post notifications because of Instagram's new algorithm...


To be honest, I was tempted to as well (typical basic bitch herd mentality haha) then I slept on it, woke up, updated my app (along with 50+ other apps wtf, serious hoarding issue here), confirmed that Your Instagram Feed Will Not Be Changing Today and decided that this change might actually be for the better.

Let me explain.

Instagrammers, eating cold food since 2010.

Unless you are on Instagram 24-7, like really bloody ALL THE TIME, you would already be missing out on 70% of your feed based on this chronological format.

So effectively with this new algorithm, it will be better optimised such that the stuff that YOU personally find interesting will show up more often in your feed.

(For the unitiated, basically how this algorithm - still undergoing extensive testing anyway - should work is that it will take into account a number of signals such as likes, comments, and searches, as well as the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, the timeliness of the posts, and your relationship to the person posting.)


Ok, the timestamp kinda makes me look like a psycho stalker now.

To be honest, even before this algorithm was set in place, I had already turned on notifications for a good number of Instagrammers mostly cause I really like their content and don't want to miss their photos because I don't have time to be on Insta every second of every day.

(Sometimes I get too busy trying not to roll down rice terraces and swatting away mosquitoes...)

I don't know exactly how the new Insta will look like - and tbh, I don't think anybody except the people at IG HQ knows either - but if it's going to be more like Facebook, I do feel that this change is for the better (and people being people are typically resistant to change) because it basically means that I'm going to see mostly the stuff I like when I open my feed.

(And I can finally turn off all the notifications... because having them pop up 1234567 times during meetings is not the best idea sometimes lol.)

Ultimately, it should come down to, if the people following you like your stuff, you will appear on their feed still and above all, instead of getting angry at Instagram for not showing your photos enough, I think we should just focus on how we can take better photos, create better content, even write better captions perhaps (and for me, maybe stop crossing the road at every opportunity :joy:) so much so that people WANT to see more of our stuff.

Also really, did you expect a US$400 million digital company to be all ad-free and charitable? - and as altruistic as it sounds, the IG community (and basically the entire online scene actually) has always been about evolving and engaging your friends and followers, so yup, I think that should be what we ought to be looking at :)

Anyway, at the end of the day, winter has not arrived.

"Look at your feed today. Is it still chronological? Yep it is."

(PS- As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I do not claim to be some big-timer on IG and trust me, I know very clearly where I stand with my numbers lol. I just feel that instead of directing our anger - commercial social media user or not - and blaming / lamenting at how the game is changing and getting angry at every single damn thing in our lives, we are perhaps missing out on the bigger picture that sometimes, change could actually be for the better.)