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7 years ago / married life / lifestyle / personal

My new iPhone 6!

Today I went to May & Andy's wedding luncheon… it was by far the most gorgeous wedding I’ve been to (after mine of course hehe) - the bride was sooo pretty, the makeup artist really did an excellent job, her dress was perfect, the food was good, the weather was in our favour… I had a great time.

Or rather, I was trying to have a good time while constantly worrying that I’ll be late for my Singtel appointment to collect my IPHONE 6!

I was SO fidgety in my seat… looking at my watch every other second.. "Do I stay for dessert?" "Or should I go now in case there’s a jam?" "The roads near MBS are closed for F1 right?"

I swear the bridesmaids whom I was sitting at the same table with were probably judging me as the whole wedding guest in history. EVER

So at 2pm sharp I said a hurried ThanksForHavingMe!LoveYouGuys! to the newly-weds and rushed like a maniac to MBS to lay my hands on my new baby…


I came home, ripped apart the packaging like a 5-year-old on Christmas only to realise something…

I don’t know how to set this thing up.

You see, one of the many perks about being married (plug for SDU here) is that I never had to deal with all the techy stuff.. even though I own an iPhone, iPad and Macbook pro. I never had to worry about iOS upgrades, back ups etc.. I don’t even know if I have an iCloud account. Gosh, if Steve Jobs somehow manages to see this from his grave, he’d be sooo disappointed fml.

I tried calling the boy but he didn’t pick up... then I thought about calling the SAF emergency hotline to look for him (This IS an emergency ok!) but I figured I didn’t want to appear like a nutjob to the entire armed forces.. so I took a deep breath, told myself I can do this and typed into my Google search bar How to set up iPhone 6? and held my breath.

Thank you Yahoo Tech because I found this article titled How to Set Up Your Shiny New iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 PluS and OMG I swear it was totally written for me. So I followed the article step by step to a T and 2 hours later, I am proud to say that my shiny new iPhone 6 is up and ready to roll!!!

Here’s the article link in case you’re hopeless like me.

Can’t wait to rock this weekend with my new baby teehee.