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Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service

2 years ago / home sweet home

First look at our new place!

Hi friends!

First look at our new place!

As some of you might have already known from Instagram, 2019 has been helluva year with the bulk of it circled around our new place! We actually bought the place two years back when we found out we were expecting but only decided to move in this year as we previously had too much on our plate. And boy, is settling on an ID, renovating, furniture hunting and the actual moving such a tiring affair, I really hope we won't have to go through the likes again anytime soon.

One of the easiest parts of settling the house however, was with Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service.

I'm sure we are all familiar with the Nippon Paint brand (their Sumo-themed TVCS are etched forever in my mind haha) but did you know that besides the quality paint they sell, the brand also offers Professional Painting Services?

I tried them out for myself and was super duper mighty pleased. Here's why!

1) Pre-painting site inspection

I had actually wanted to give this a miss cause I was really very busy with numerous meetings with my ID and various contractors, on top of running my business and having to care for a toddler who wasn't in school yet but I'm glad I found time for the inspection because the Project Manager found mould and LICE on my walls - he pointed out to me a few minuscule specks which were practically invisible to the naked eye but upon close scrutiny, I noticed that the said specks which I thought was dirt (but are actually lice wtf) were moving across my wall. I just shuddered as I type this.

Anti-mould paint was hence recommended!

This site inspection is typically valued at $150 and is currently offered free for all customers.

2) Super dedicated service

To be honest, I had actually contacted another painting company but what made me seal the deal with Nippon Paint was because they had proposed painting the base coat (sealer) and first coat of paint after my electrical work in one session, and then the final coat of paint in another session after carpentry, whereas the other company had wanted to just do everything at one go.

I was also very impressed by how they put in a lot of effort to thoroughly seal and protect all my furniture and flooring, and they will also reinstate your furniture after painting is done.

3) Genuine Premium Nippon Paint Products

I remember when Nate was two months old and we were living at my in-laws', some renovation work had to be done to the house and there was painting involved by another contractor. I was sooooo paranoid about the paint they were using and stayed out of the house as much as I could. I remember babywearing Nate and just walking aimlessly from Ion to Taka every day for hours on end and scaring myself with information on Google re paint and babies.

We decided on a grey + white theme for the house, with a touch of mint accent

Knowing that Nippon Paint's products are made in Singapore and are non-toxic, ammonia-free and anti-bacterial is a huge relief. This is after all a place where Nate spends most of his time!

Other reasons why you should choose Nippon Paint's team of certified and highly-trained painting professionals include their Digital Colour Preview which allows you to visualise how your place would look like with the paint job before work commences (this service worth $100 is free by the way!) and their awesome 12-month warranty.

I also like how their prices are all transparently listed on their website and you can also enjoy 0% interest free instalment plans for as low as $67 monthly!

Another look at our feature wall. The grey's NPN1998P Light Pewter - you're welcome!

There are also some really cool prizes to be won when you engage their painting service,


And if this isn't already attractive enough, you can quote Flora Isabelle to enjoy an ADDITIONAL $100 off their existing promos!

Our master bedroom's also done up in the same grey + white theme, with the same colour used for our feature wall

Just in time to get your house spruced up for the new year, don't you think?

Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service

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