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Not a food baby - 33 Weeks

4 years ago / being mommy

Third trimester pregnancy updates!

One of the most fun shoots I've done in a while!

It's inevitable I guess, as much as I say I don't want to slow down during my pregnancy... I find myself in front of the camera much less these days because I still can't used to myself looking SO BIG! And also because I might have gotten a leeeeetle lazy with the makeup routine - but I must say the new Naked Heat palette is so incredibly hot (pun intended lol) I'm tempted to put on my full war paint on soon.

So... it's been a month since my last pregnancy update and I'm well into week 33, or my third trimester now.

Here's what's up with Junior and me!

(Warning, long post ahead, so go make some coffee first.)


I only crave one thing - food.

Unlike my first and second trimester when I was hungry all.the.time, my appetite has significantly reduced this trimester though it is still wayyyyy bigger than before I got pregnant.

I've since gained more than 10kg which stresses me out a little cause at my last obgyn visit this morning, the doctor says that my baby is on the small side. So I don't know where all the weight is going! (Actually I do know lah... it's all on my butt and hips don't lie lolol)

I'm also starting to relax on my self-implemented food restrictions - I allow myself a cup of milk tea once a week, I no longer pick out the ham from my pizza slices and I even ate some (baked) pineapple chunks from my salad this afternoon! I guess being in office all day and surviving on UberEATS means I have to be less picky though I still ensure that I eat at least 2 to 3 servings of fruits (usually kiwi so I don't fall sick, cantaloupe cause it's rich in folic acid, strawberries for iodine and cherries... cause I have been obsessed with them since Japan), three glasses of milk and yoghurt (preferably frozen lol) daily.


Birth Plan

But I suppose the only "good" thing is that I won't have such a tough time during labour?

You guys know how afraid of pain I am right? My girl friend asked me yesterday if I am prepared for motherhood and I'm like... "I don't know... I'm still stuck at the I-need-to-get-him-out-of-me-first phase."

The past few weeks have been extremely traumatising for me as I read the ENTIRE internet trying to decide between an elective C-section and going for natural birth (with LOTS OF EPIDURAL OF COURSE.)

As my doctor puts it, birth stories on the internet are like the Avengers - everybody likes to sensationalise things. And I guess every mother wants to feel like they have sacrificed THE MOST in the name of love. I promise you guys ok, IF (so pray for me!!!) my birth story is easy, I will tell the truth ok!!! Like, HELLO, CHILDBIRTH IS A BREEZE. HE CAME OUT WITH JUST ONE PUSH!

I alternate between crying in fear and making the hubs swear that we won't have a second child.

(BUT baby girls' clothes are much cuter than boys'!!!!)

I've also more or less decided on natural birth even though I'm worried that I won't know when I'm in labour (come on, I can't even tell the difference between hunger and when I want to poop) because I really don't want to deal with a major surgery as I generally take a VERY LONG TIME to heal. It can take me weeks to fully recover from a normal paper cut, no kidding.

Though I had considered (and actually decided on before changing my mind entirely) an elective c-section because i) it is statistically the safer way for Junior to enter this world without unnecessary stress and ii) the husband's job nature. I mean, it would be quite dramatic if I have to end up calling Mindef or something to pass the message along that his wife is in labour, isn't it?

Wish me luck!

Bump pics

I'm not sure why everybody wants to see my bump?!

Like why do you people want to see a woman looking fat with a huge belly????!!! :joy:

But in any case, I'm proudly wearing my bump to events and meetings these days though they don't really translate in pictures cause I keep wearing loose clothes - not that I'm trying to do a teenage Mom in denial but it's just more comfortable this way? I mean, I was already wearing such dresses before I got preggers... in fact, my usual babydoll and fit-and-flare dresses have well-lasted me for the past 8 months and I haven't had the need to buy maternity clothes... yet.

(Underwear though - sorry tmi - is a whole different issue. My ass is like the butt of all yo mama jokes these days.)

(Again, pun intended lol.)


Everything I buy these days is for Junior.

I feel like I've been suckered into a world of Jellycat, Stokke and Glenn Doman kits. The hubs thinks I'm nuts for even considering spending $150 on a dustbin - but to be fair, it is an AWARD-WINNING DIAPER PAIL :heart_eyes:

The good thing is, the in-laws are in London now visiting the sister-in-law and because a lot of stuff are cheaper in the UK (they have the cutest baby clothes), I have been happily carting out purchases after purchases and shipping it to their apartment for them to bring back to Singapore.

The bad news is, my nursery looks like a junkyard with boxes and bags and bags of stuff everywhere. I'm somewhat superstitious in the sense that we shouldn't do it up until Junior arrives (basically I'm ok with what I don't know, but if I know something... I find it hard to ignore) so... I guess the hubs will have a very good time playing Bob the Builder when I'm in the hospital after delivery.

In other news, all other pregnancy symptoms you often hear about is true. Either that, or every other woman is like me - we just conveniently blame it on the baby. Oh crap I forgot to send the email - but it's the pregnancy brain. I can't walk there in THIS HEAT, let's Uber - for the baby, not me. I also bleed very easily (the partner accidentally dropped a photo frame on my toe the other day and it was like a bloody murder scene with BLOOD EVERYWHERE) and I get very very vivid dreams - some nights, I'm fulfilling my secret die hard ambition to be a professional juggler (I kid!) and others, I'm busy saving the world from aliens donned in pineapple suits... though I think this might have to do with my over-enthusiastic reading on childbirth before bed and getting up to pee 547 times a night.

Lastly, my belly button hasn't popped out. THANKFULLY. I'm actually very scared that it does? I keep stalking other pregnant Moms on Instagram (thanks to the #33weekspregnant hashtag and how EVERYBODY seems to be pregnant these days?) and I'm totally dreading the day that my innie becomes an outie.

Such priorities, right?

I know.