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Mid-month catch up!

5 years ago / military wife / personal / media

November coffee sesh, without the coffee.

Hello from Bangkok!

Quick coffee sesh - without the coffee - cause I've been laying off the caffeine for a while now. Trouble sleeping at night lah.

I was telling a friend the other day that I still belong to the very old school circa 2001 generation of bloggers (using this term VERY loosely) who still believe that a blog should always be first and foremost a personal diary of sorts.

Though to be honest, I write mostly for myself - both to chronicle the years that have passed us by and how much I've grown (or NOT grown actually) and to indulge myself in my very, extremely narcissistic behavior.

Very important photo of myself to make my point.

In fact, I try as much as possible to take a selfie every day to see how my face has changed along the way because of the different products I use, aesthetics procedures I undergo, weight gain/ loss etc.

The hubs has been away for 2 weeks now and you'd think that after so many years of military wife duties, I'd have gotten used to this but noooooo, it still hurts like a bitch every single time. Kinda like your monthly eyebrow threading and brazillian wax sessions.

You'll never ever get used to the pain.

In other news, I was recently featured on MSN & Yahoo (thanks to Vulcan Post!):

Full article here.

I also did a short interview with Five Stars and a Moon (actually, not very short lah.. it's 10 questions haha) where I had fumbled for the longest time over the last question "When was the last time you cried? And why?" - in retrospect, I now recall that it was at the airport when I was sending the hubs off. So embarrassing lah, I tell you. The other military wives (and girlfriends! younger than me!) all looked so poised and dignified, and there I was - teary-eyed, sniffing away and repeating every 10 5 seconds, "Remember to call me ah. Must call me ok????"

Kinda like a scene from Dear John / Pearl Harbor / some other war romance movie but please +20kg to the male lead wtf.

Anyway in the end?

2 weeks on and not a single phone call. Bloody hell.