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Of Halimah, mee rebus and this whole Elected Presidency thing

4 years ago / personal

Do you hear the people sing?

I haven't been on Facebook much recently (by that I mean 24-7 like I used to) but every time I log on, it seems that the only thing on the social media platform is the resurfacing of the #NotMyPresident hashtag from Trump's win back in 2016 and how we now have a new president as of yesterday.


I'm pretty sure this photo is worth something now lol so I'm glad I took it even though I was feeling very unattractive being 9 months pregnant then and in specs and all.

For the uninitiated, the woman next to me is Halimah Yacob aka our current President aka our first female President.

We should be celebrating, right? I mean, female President (I wonder what's AWARE's stand btw) and of a minority race - we don't have to look at countries too far to see how race politics is promulgated - but I have never seen our nation so divided (not even during the last GE) and people so concerned about who our President is and what he/ say actually does... I mean, most people can't even tell Colonel Sanders and one of our previous presidents apart lol.

Truth be told, neither do I lol. I mean besides the obligatory National Day appearance, having his photo appear in the General Office of my schools and of course the key role to safeguarding our reserves. Our reserves is something that I am actually very concerned (and proud of) as a Singaporean... and hence I believe that it has to be in the hands of someone reliable.

That being said, I do not think that Farid Khan or Salleh Marican are any less capable to safeguard our reserves nor less photogenic for the General Office photos lol. In fact, a part of me was rooting for Farid Khan and was quite disappointed that he didn't qualify as a candidate.

But I guess... a miss is as good as a mile.

What I don't understand though is why people are angry with Halimah because they don't qualify. It makes sense if you get angry with the system (and the criteria) and well, I am also angry too that I now don't have a public holiday to celebrate my birthday hahaha - for real ok, my birthday falls on 24th lol. But on a serious note, I wish that there was an election because then if Halimah had won it fair and square, people would be less divided.

At the NTUC National Day Observance Ceremony recently, pictures by the partner

I won't say I'm that into politics (even though I'm a HUGE fan of conspiracy theories lol) and my political stance has all along been pro-Singapore. And it annoys/ saddens me (depending on which way the hormones tip lol) that there is so much negativity going on now.

To be honest, I didn't know much about Halimah and her contributions prior to this whole PE thing. In fact, today when a friend came over to visit me the baby and asked, "Eh, she was a Minister right?" I found myself searching Google.

I won't pretend that she's now my BFF nor gush about the 1001 things that she has done for the nation since her graduation from NUS Law in 1978 and joined the labour movement... the rest like they say, is history. That and she came from a poor background, the type worthy of movies - her father died when she was 8, her mother sold nasi padang from a pushcart (hence the nasi padang references on the Internet is it?) and she was almost expelled from school because she kept skipping classes to help her mother out.

If you want to know more about her contributions, I suppose there's her website (wah like influencer lol) for that.

In other news, who came up with the Do Good Do Together slogan?!

But based on that one rather intimate tea session I had with her last month, if I can only use one word to describe her it would be genuine.

She didn't have any of the "I'm a politician so I'm mightier than thou" vibe, neither did she speak with any pretentious accent. In fact, she was the one who was wary of us Internet People lol. But after some warming up (talking about food ALWAYS works), it's not difficult to see why she's labelled the Heartland President. Maybe it's her rags to riches background, maybe she isn't quite the usual "golden child" parachuted into politics. She was friendly, she listened intently when we asked questions, yet she was serious, almost solemn, when she talked about how she wants to help Singapore and about the workers she has tried to help during her days with the Labour Movement. And of course, like any other Singaporean, her eyes glistened when I asked about her favourite food. There's just something about her that reminds me of your neighbourhood makcik... and I guess that's why her Yishun residents love her.

It's also not difficult to see why she wants to continue living in her HDB Yistana instead of the Istana even though everyone labels her as being fake for wanting to do so... I'm not defending her lah, I'm just saying that I can see why though tbh, the thought of the security issues scares me lol.

The good thing is that Yishun will be a lot safer now :joy:

Moving forward, I would think that because of the walkover, she would have to work EVEN harder to prove herself, and if my gut feel is right, she eventually will - if we give her a chance to.

(Though I also hope this wouldn't be the last we see of Farid Khan and Salleh Marican!)

I can't say I am entirely happy or to better put it in Chinese, 心服口服 but the deal has been sealed. And whether you like the system or not, only time will tell whether Big Brother is right.

And as much as we like it (or not), there are other things to look forward and also worry about. Such as the shitty economy and how it will affect jobs and my livelihood - I mean I would say I worry about my financial abilities to purchase my next Kylie Cosmetics but my priorities are kinda different these days now that I am burning through diapers and nappy wipes and tins of formula milk like nobody's business wtf.

And in the meantime, I should also check out the mee rebus at Marsiling that she strongly recommended... before it gets too crowded.