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of surprises and bathrooms

7 years ago / married life / personal

Conversations with the boy #158


So, I am flying to Australia next weekend (has it been 3 weeks already?!) and we really needed to get down to booking the hotel in Gold Coast for our weekend escapade.

As per our usual fashion, I spent hours searching TripAdvisor (I’m good at this hotel thing really, see the places I’ve booked) and shortlisted it to either Sofitel or the Marriott.

Sent the links to the boy and got him to decide which of the two he’d like and I’ll settle the booking.

He replied, “Why don’t we stay at Meriton?”

Which is really strange because he has never denied my choices when it comes to our travels - I’m the Queen of hotel bookings yo!

So I replied, “Ohhh I came across that during my research. But I don’t really like it… the toilets look kinda gross tbh.”

I thought he would go back to picking either of my initial selections but he still insisted on the Meriton and sent me a whole bunch of reviews that say the toilets were spotless.

My reply, “Ohhh yes I know it’s rated as #2 in TripAdvisor but it’s after all a serviced apartment and I don’t like ceramic tiles in the bathroom. Feels very cheap.. So could we pick either the Sofitel or the Marriott please?”

And I expected him to leave it at that.

But noooo, he went back to sending me links to more raving reviews about the bloody Meriton apartments.

I got really annoyed and told him, “Book whatever you want la! I’m going to bed, good night!”

And went to bed angry - and ended up with a whole buncha nightmares about bathroom monsters wtf.

I woke up the next morning and checked my phone.. and found more messages how the Meriton is so awesome.


Didn’t they teach in dating school that when the missus says jump, you say “how high?!”

So I messaged the girls to bitch about it… and then one of them replied, “Maybe he planned a surprise already? It’s exactly the kind of thing he’d do!”

And suddenly… it all started to make sense. Ohhhhhh SURPRISE!!!

So I messaged, “Hey baby! We’ll go with whatever hotel you want :) After all, what matters is that I will finally get to see you after all these weeks!!! :D :D :D”

And went on to spend the day dreaming about what the surprise’s gonna be… hehehehe. Maybe he needs a serviced apartment so he can cook some extensive romantic meal? Or maybe he has already liaised with the Meriton peeps about throwing me some lavish fancy pansy thingy since he was putting up there last weekend? Sure, I can put up with fugly bathroom tiles no problem.. since there’ll be a SURPRISE waiting for me!!!!

Then 2 hours later he replied, telling me that’s he busy at work and to book any hotel I want wtf.

So the surprise is that there’s no surprise lah!? FML…