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Old School in the City

5 years ago / beauty / dress up

Oh, this hipster thang?

NECKLACE: Customized from TINKR (they're from the hub's wedding vows!)

Despite being in the fashion line and somewhat with an online presence, I've come to realize that I don't OOTD enough for my blog. Sometimes selectively for Instagram but my fashion tag is sparingly used in this space cause I don't usually take enough pictures to form a series I think? I don't know, but anyway... in the name of self-improvement and because I don't have that many good years left to hiao in front of the camera, that is going to change. I hope. We all know what I'm like with resolutions and procrastination....

Anyway, this set of pictures were spontaneously taken at Emerald Hill one afternoon cause I had my camera with me and there's this certain rustic charm associated with old shophouses that I couldn't resist. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that my bridal atelier Silhouette is located in the vicinity so there's some nostalgia attached to those many evenings spent there.

So I threw my trusty Sony over to my companion and attempted to get posey posey....Never mind that there were schoolgoing children from the nearby Chatsworth International walking by and giving me curious weird looks and never mind that I didn't have my full photoshoot makeup on...

The pictures turned on pretty good for my liking I must say, despite the lack of makeup, thanks to the hat (the latest hipster's accessory of choice as seen on Instagram) and the semi-permanent Eraliner embroidery done at Erabelle.

Their new swanky outlet at Seletar Mall

I just went to touch up my eyeliner embroidery the week before and these days I've been going around sans eye makeup in the day since I already have that defined doll-eyed look I want.

(At night, I might swipe on mascara if I'm not too lazy but with Eraliner, you already have quite an illusion of fuller lashes teehee.)

I'd previously written about my complete experience here and more details can be found at their website too.

Psst, for the month of March 2016 only, quote Flora Isabelle and get a Free Skin Oasis Facial Treatment (worth $267.50) when you purchase any Eraliner package x


Enjoy, xxx!